A Collection Of Ultimate Team Tips

We have decided to give a few Fifa 13 ultimate team tips for players to use in the game. The methods are all explained and our easy to follow guide will help you make more coins more often. Simply follow the guidelines and you will be making coins for fun.

Ultimate Team Tip 1

This method is one of the easiest to nail and can be done whether you have 50 coins or 5000 coins,  it simply doesn’t matter. First off you will need to go to the search page and put your max buy now price setting to exactly the total that you have at that moment.

Then you will have to select the gold players only! This is vital that you choose this and you must not change any techniques that we tell you in this article. Otherwise you can expect this method to not work and that will only put your mood down.

Next scroll up the page list until you see that all of the cards are in the region of 59 minutes and 30 odd seconds. Don’t look for any other type of timing as this is the time that you need to concentrate on.

You will need to keep refreshing from time to time and looking out for a gold mine.let us tell you, there will be a real bargain of a player in there somewhere but you will just have to find him yourself.

You’ll need to purchase some players with your coins and test the market out a bit, just to get the hang of it before you go all guns blazing. By getting a little experience, you will gain knowledge about the market and become a FUT king.

There will be loads of Ultimate Team players that do not know the market and will be selling their little gems at knockdown prices. The default setting of one hour will be used by the amateurs and imagine if that player was rare or a goldmine.

These exact mistakes by the sellers are the ones that you’re going to capitalise on. You can even stay in the auctions all day and just make loads of profit on autopilot if you want. The winnings from this formula are absolutely staggering and this is our top tip for the FUT.

Ultimate Team Tip 2

The most common tip that we are going to give out is daily trading as we like to call it. All you have to do is purchase a player and then go on to sell them for a nice tidy profit. Just keep re using this technique over and over again through the day to make loads of money.

All of the top players tend to go by this simple method and they do it all day everyday. The prices of players tends to change regularly throughout the entire day. So just keep watch on the market and get to know it quick time to be in the running.

Fifa 13 Ultimate Team Tips

Fifa 13 Ultimate Team Tips


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