Fifa 13 Gameplay Tips

EA Sports Fifa has truly been a legacy. Since the year of its inception, the franchise has continued to charm the fans year after year. The latest iteration to the series is no different. Fifa 13 has already amassed huge interest among the fans and critics alike.

Not everyone is a Fifa Champion from birth and that is exactly the reason we decided to come up with this blog post to deliver some amazing Fifa 13 tips. You must read on.

Play like a chameleon

You got it right. Never be the same player twice. Keep looking for goal scoring opportunities. Don’t just rely on a single method to score goals.

The entire field is yours and make sure, you have at least 5 or 6 different ways of making that ball reach the goal post. It makes you less predictable and keeps your opponents guessing. Surely, that sounds great.

Use the Speedsters

So if you have a team that has a superstar like Ronaldo or Messi, use their speed skills to outfox the defenders. When these players are running, it is a surety that there is no one who can catch them. Mark these words, no one. And then you have only the keeper to beat!

Crossing Tips

Crossing, generally, is something that is not always accurate. But with some teams, the defense isn’t the forte and an airborne football at any angle is a dangerous proposition. A perfect early cross in such cases will mean no clean-sheet for the opposition’s goalkeeper.

Use The Keeper

Being one on one with the attacker is probably the worst feeling ever if you are the keeper. But if you use the keeper cleverly you can always save that one goal.

If your keeper is left without his defenders and the opposition attacker is charging towards the goal, you can bring your keeper rushing forward and then releasing him. This will put the attacker into thinking mode and make him try and do something different. Most often than not, this will save a goal.

Contain second man pressure

The dedicated key for applying pressure is of huge help. You can either apply pressure with a single player or with a team mate.

This will surround the attacker with your players and releasing the button at the right time will result in a tackle being made. Just remember, this might result in your formation being disrupted and your defense will be left open.

One Two Passing

One two passing with odd dribbling can help you create easy spaces in the field. This does two things. It keeps your play moving forward. And it keeps the opponents gasping for the ball to reach to them. The more you keep the possession, the more chances you give yourself to score a goal.

Use through passes & lobbed through passes

This is one technique you can use to bypass the defenders. If you see one of your attackers speeding down the wings, you can through a lob pass to him and he can take the ball forward then. If the attacker is a speedster, this makes for a very rapid attack on to the goal.

So there you have it: Fifa 13 tips to get you going. Do try them and tell us if they worked for you.

fifa 13 gameplay tips

fifa 13 gameplay tips


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