FIFA 13 Loan Market Tips

We have come across some very useful tips that players may not have taken much notice of on FIFA 13. Today we are going to look at the loan market and all the signings you need to do in order to budget your transfer kitty.

To dive into the loan system is a very good idea, and the tips we are about to share with you, you may not have come across yet. These hints we will share with you can be used in any transfer market at any time. So they will hep you with any team you take charge of, and in all the transfer windows.

So basically, loaning players out will give you more wage budget back than what the specific player in question is currently on at your football club. So say a player in League 2 is on the average wage of £750 per week, you will receive about £1200 back from your board of directors.

The funds that you receive back are in the wage category and you can go to budget allocation and turn that into cash if you really need to. The money that your club gives back to you is wages being covered and you will receive a inbox from your board telling you exactly that.

This opportunity is super fantastic if you loan out youth players with tremendous potential. Not only will you get a significant amount of the players wages back, but also your youth academy product will develop as a better footballer.

In your young players loan spell, he will go up in rating and therefore he’s price tag will increase and go up on the rise too. So using this legitimate method is a win-win scenario for you as the manager.

We hope these loan market tips have helped you in the career mode and check back with us for more great tips on FIFA 13.

fifa 13 loan tips

fifa 13 loan tips


2 thoughts on “FIFA 13 Loan Market Tips

  1. I was just wondering if there is anyway you can do something to influence teams making a approach for one of your loan listed players. I always spend out on young players and dont always have alot of first team action for them. i have on an average 1 to 2 loan offers per season they are not bad players either. phil jones 80, moritz leitner 75, malanda 72, will keane 70,micheal keane 69, angelo henriquez 72, please help

  2. Try to give them some playing time and make sure their wages are as low as possible,clubs don’t approach if their wages are high.
    hope it helps

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