How to Make Easy Money on Career Mode

We wanted to share with our readers, the best way to make easy money on the FIFA 13 career mode. This is not a cheat to gain unlimited money, but it might aswell be. After reading this article, you will have the exact funds to mount a challenge against any team in your division or country.

Upon trying out various methods and taking a closer look at the transfer window, we really got an eye opener when it comes to making a saving. We want to tell you about the free agents that are goldmines waiting to be offered a contract and then sold to third party clubs for millions.

At the start of a new season on your career mode, go onto the buy players tab and dive right into the transfer market. Go onto the status which is for loan, transfer listed, free agents ect. Click on free agents and a list of all the players that are available on a free transfer will pop up.

This is what we call the bargain area with some really young youth players with great potential lined up waiting for your signature. Choose to offer a contract to the 17, 18 or 19 year old players that have a decent overall. Some of the players value should be in the region of £1M and even up to £2M in most cases.

Give the player exactly what he demands which you will be able to see on the contract page above your own offer your about to submit to him. If he does not accept, then listen to what he wants and you will definitely get his signature in the next couple of days after you advance.

The beauty of this trick, is the fact that you will not be able to sell the player straight away as it will say that the player has only just joined the club. If you wait until the January transfer window however, you will be able to cash in on him then.

For just one single player you could be looking at pocketing well over £2M one time fee. If you actually play the player regularly and he gets form and he’s moral is happy, then that’s even better.

You will be looking to get more than what he is actually worth by keeping his moral and from up high. There’s no need to worry about offers from other clubs either, as the player is young and has potential so he will have more than his fair share of admirers.

This tip also works in the Npower League 1 and League 2 aswell! So even a small club can become a power house in half a season. You as the manager will get all the plaudits of course.

These young free agents that we are talking about will want around about 2K to 3K in wages. So make sure you have that spare by selling a few of your players or using the boards money that they give you at the start of the season.

This strategy is only supposed to be used as a long term investment for the second part of a season. Please note though, that you will only have to do this once to never having to play catch up again. Your resources that you will have afterwards will not be able to be matched easily.

You can even sign three or four free agents and end up getting 6 to £8M to spend in January. Using the money to even out your budget allocation with wages and the clubs transfer kitty. We hope these tips on making easy money in career mode have helped.

Keep checking back now and again for more tips on FIFA 13 and making the game easier for yourself.

Fifa 13 career mode tips

FIFA 13 career mode tips


2 thoughts on “How to Make Easy Money on Career Mode

  1. This is truly a good tip for making money. I do the same if I want to search for new players with gerat potential (aside from youth academy).
    I bought a french CB with “great potential” and after 2 season he is becoming one of the greatest — high workrate (def/off), engine, aerial threat, tackling, power header are amongst the specialties and traits he posses.

    Heck, his value right now is at 44m euros… 😀 Can’t sell him tho, too good for my team.

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