How To Score More Goals In Career Mode

On the FIFA 13 career mode, gamers want to know what methods to use in order to score more goals in a match. We don hear our readers on here and on our Twitter account asking this question quite frequently, so we though we’d write a post about it on our official site.

The Ultimate Scoring Tips On FIFA 13

One tip that we can give out is to make sure that you only pass the ball to a player that is even unmarked or has 3 yards on the defender or midfielder marking him. The reason we say this is, the first rule of football is if you don’t have the ball, you’re never going to score.

Basically in a nutshell we are saying that possession is nine tenths of the law and you must retain it for large spells of the game in order to stand a chance in the match. Even if you are passing it simple, at least you still have the ball and you can wait for that all important opening.

We suggest you practice on your passing more than anything because it’s the first important component you need in order to score more goals regularly.

Right, now you have mastered keeping possession for large parts of the game, it’s now the next step in our formula. Using the all important first touch feature which was first introduced to the FIFA series back in 2003, you can do wonders.

If your striker has 3 or 4 yards on the defender, you can move the right analog stick in the right direction where you can create the space. We know an awful lot of FIFA gamers that don’t use this advantage that is given to them on a plate and for the life of us, we do not know why.

Signing strikers in the transfer window that have the trait of finesse shot is a must! These strikers will more often than not hit the target every single time they have a shot on goal. They are also not that bad at long shots if their long shots and shot power is reasonable in their stats.

Also, signing players that have long shot taker is not a bad move either, as they can chip in with a few goals every few games if you buy midfielders that have this trait.

There are some very good strikers out there who have the Arial threat specialitie. This one is a goldmine as there are not very many players on the game that will have this specialitie. This striker will be a good old fashioned centre forward who wins everything in the air.

They will be a power house up front and when you deliver crosses into the box, they will make sure that they get on the end of it. From corners and set pieces they can be really helpful and effective too.

By pressing the cross button approximately three times on your controller, your winger will deliver a low cross into the box that may catch the opposition defenders of guard. This trick is amazingly productive and can pull of brilliant results if the timing is spot on.

We have more tips to scoring loads of goals on FIFA 13 but we don’t want this article to be too long so readers go away and avoid reading it. We will post up a part 2 version of this article in the next few days so don’t miss it.

fifa 13 scoring goals

The Ultimate FIFA 13 scoring goals Tips


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