FIFA 13 Formation Tactics

We all use our very own formations that we love and most of us tend not to change them as a sense of tradition kicks in. The basic lineup that you with say for example, 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2 is all okay. However, there are a few options that you can tinker with to improve your overall game plan and we will tell you in this post.

If you go into the formations tab that is on the squad tab, you can edit various different tactics to enhance your chances of grabbing hold of the game with both hands. Customization to the way that you play is vital to gaining any silverware on FIFA 13.

Hover over the formations and the one that you want to select, then click on the edit formation button. You can chance the actual players positions, aswell as move a player further up to the pitch or further down to be more defensive.

Where you position your players is totally up to you and as you’re the manager, it’s your decision. The other option you can experiment with is the players work rate.

You can select to have players attacking work rate to high, medium, or on a low setting. The exact same applies with the defensive work rate of a player too.

This can be a really good idea for say your defensive midfielders if they have really high stamina. Then they will be able to go up top and join attacks and get back to defend when called upon.

Also, if a players attacking and defensive work rate is both high and the players stamina is above 86 and he’s a CAM, CDM or CM, then he will acquire the engine specialitie. This skill is a must have for a defensive midfielder and he’ll become an enforcer for your team.

We hope this quick post on the formations in FIFA 13 helped you, we know it’s not the best post we’ve ever done, but at least it’s something. We will have more tips and cheats for you in the next coming days ahead.

FIFA 13 Formations

FIFA 13 Formations



2 thoughts on “FIFA 13 Formation Tactics

  1. buy players in free agents and sell them in next transfer window.maintain a small squad.try to get rid of players u don’t use and by giving more time for ur starting 11 alone,this makes ur reserves unhappy and they will try to leave the club soon.and in ur substitues have players with more positioning options like grosskreutz,melgarejo,zuniga,milner,.etc.. or old players like ronaldinho,seedorf,and if they retire they will become youth players in ur club.

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