An Insight into How to Gain FIFA 13 Specialities & Traits

Players desirous of scoring points in FIFA 13 are being given certain “traits” which are capable of showcasing their in-game abilities and other talents. Traits outlined for the FIFA 13 are special features and attributes which cannot be generalised or used on all the players.

They typically represent the characteristics which reflect the inherent personality and behavior of the players. An insight into their meaning and nature will certainly help you understand how to gain FIFA 13 specialties & traits.


It is important to note that both the defence as well as the attack work rate of a player cannot be set at a high level, though other combinations are possible. The player also needs Heading 75 and Finishing 85 to gain this specialty trait. As the Work Rates of both Engine and Poacher stand at odds with each other—these traits cannot be gained together. To be able to count towards Complete Forward, you need to have at least Clinical Finishing or Poacher.


The Sprint Speed and acceleration must add up to a figure of 180 to gain the trait of “Speedster”. This could either mean a 99/81 or 90/90 split. This Specialitie is fantastic for wingers to be able to run at defenders with their blistering pace.

Aerial threat

Players who want to know how to gain FIFA 13 specialties & traits for Aerial Threat, should measure at 6’2 and under. They should strive for Heading 90 and then get Strength to 85 or Jumping. The players who range between 6’3 and 6’4 should aim for Heading 90 while Heading 75 is for those boasting of a height of 6’5 and over.

The Ariel Threat addition will be so dominant in the air, that the player the represents this will most likely win the headers over anyone else on the pitch.


A player of Creation Centre with 5* Skill Moves or a real life one getting edited with the same will also need a Dribbling rate of 86. Editing the 1* and 4* star Skill Moves of a real life player or giving the traits to a Creation Centre player for the same skill requires Balance 75 and Dribbling 86.

A Dribbler will be able to take on defenders with complete confidence and ease to give your side the edge in attack.

New players in game can also gain this specialty through Balance 75 and Dribbling 86 , which gives them the Dribbler Specialty and 4* Skill Moves. The player who is created in-game can achieve a maximum of 4* Skill Moves by placing his Dribbling statistics at a high level. If he showcases further agility of up to 76 then he climbs higher to 5* Skill Moves.


To achieve the trait of a Playmaker, the player should have a position in least one of the listings of CM, CDM or CAM. However, it is not necessary for this position to be his primary one, to make him eligible to perform in his Payer Bio.

The player also needs to have Vision 86, Short Passing 86 and Long Pass 73. The Playmaker specialty is a critical one – and counts towards the Complete Midfielder.

The players that have this in their stats will set up all your goals and most probably be your top assist at the end of the season.


The Work Rates of the player for both Defence and attack must be set to “High” for gaining this trait. Though he needs Stamina 86, it is important to note that he cannot have both Engine and Poacher together-as they remain at odds with each other.

Having the Engine Specialitie will give the player an injection of stamina that can’t be matched on the field of play. He will run up and join attacks as well as getting back in your final third to help defend.

Distance shooter

The Long Shots and Shot Power must have a total of 174 for this trait. This demands either a 99/75 or an 87/87 split. A player who possesses this quality in their game will have a crack from long distance areas of the pitch. Also they will be more likely to score from the long shots as well.

Early Crosser

This trait simply requires a player to have Curve 80 and Crossing 86 within their stats. Having early crosser will allow players to whip in a cross that can catch the opposition defence off guard.

FK Specialist

A playing desirous of knowing how to gain FIFA 13 specialties & traits, should understand that the trait for FK Specialist needs Free Kicks 86, then get either Curve or Shot Power to 85 or Curve.

Being a free-kick specialist will enhance your chances of scoring from set-pieces that are positioned for a going for goal opportunity.


This trait requires Sliding Tackle 85 and Standing Tackle 86. To count towards Complete Defender, it is important to have tackling as one of the critical specialties.

As this is an important part of football, having a top class tackler will retain the ball for you and enhance your chances of having more possession in the game.


Along with being a critical specialty that counts for Complete Defender, the trait of Tactician also requires Reactions 80, Tactical Awareness 86 and Interceptions 86.

The tactician will be a leader on the pitch and will command his area when called upon.


Players can gain this specialty in two ways. They have to log either Reactions 80 along with Agility 86 or only Agility 90. The Acrobat will make some acrobatic clearances when in their own penalty area.


Players who are less than 181 lbs require Strength 90, while those weighing 183 lbs and over need to have Strength 86. Having defenders with this quality addition will mean that they are no nonsense type defenders. They will out muscle any opponent that dares to try and beat them in a battle of the upper body.

Clinical Finisher

This trait can be gained through having Long Shots 80 and Finishing stats at 86. These type of strikers will be predators and will finish off a simple one on one with absolute ease.

Complete Defender

To get the specialty of Complete Defender–along with the traits of Tactician and Tackling, the player should also have at least one of the following: Strength, Acrobat or Aerial Threat.

Complete Midfielder

A complete Midfielder require a minimum of three specialties namely -Playmaker and at least between Distance Shooter, Engine, Dribbler, FK Specialist, Tackling, Crosser and Clinical Finishing.

Complete Forward

The three specialties which are needed to complement a Complete Forward need to be between the important ones like Clinical Finishing and Poacher and the standard specialties which include Aerial Threat, Speedster, Dribbler and Strength.

The combination of one important and two standard specialties or two important and one stand specialty helps in gaining the trait of Complete Forward.

FIFA 13 Specialities and Traits

FIFA 13 Specialities and Traits


8 thoughts on “An Insight into How to Gain FIFA 13 Specialities & Traits

  1. i have an Acceleration 85 and Sprint Speed 85. i have still 2 matches to be played to get Sprint Speed +2 so now can i get Speedster Speciality? it’s very near to the stat u said

  2. So can you be a complete forward if you have engine, clinical finisher and strength? Once when I played Rooney had these and had complete forward too.

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