FIFA 13 Player Prospects

Getting the right player for your club can be a very hard task in the manager mode of FIFA 13. Should you save your money to buy a superstar or invest in quality players that can efficiently work with your team formation and strategy?

Getting superstars might be easy if you’re using popular and rich clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid (these teams have a surplus of quality players that fetch for a high price). However, if you’re managing a Danish Superliga team like AC Horsens, attracting a player of Messi’s caliber can be very difficult (and maybe impossible).

Don’t get me wrong, Denmark is a beautiful country (ranks #1 in income equality) and Danish SuperLiga is an exciting league to watch, but you just don’t see football stars play in that league. The best way to strengthen your club is through buying young and developing prospects. They may be weak at first, but wait till they reach their peak. Your team will be a 5-star club in no time.

Investing in football prospects can be compared to playing slots in a casino. You’ll never know if the player will be a bust or not. But taking risks is part of everyday life. Casino games like blackjack and roulette can be easy if you just have the right “system” to be beat it (sorry for the casino analogies, playing in can be very addicting).

Managing a football team is just like that. Running the perfect winning strategy to maximize your players’ talents is the key to acquiring silverware in football. Just look at Porto in 2004. Teamwork and perseverance beats talent every time.

To turn your team into a championship giving slot machine, here are some young potential football superstars that can help you in FIFA 13’s manager mode:

Christian Eriksen:

The 20-year old Danish playmaker starts with a high average rating (80). Being only 20 years old, Eriksen still has a 5 year growth before he reaches his peak (around 85). He is also fairly tall for a central midfielder which can help especially in set pieces.


Get this Brazilian striker while he is still young and cheap. Neymar can be quite hard to get early in manager mode because of his high-price. But trust me, this player will be a beast for your team and his value will triple once he reaches his prime. A good investment if you are using a mid-market team.


Another prospect from Brazil. Lucas is an attacking midfielder that can both score and set-up his teammates for the goal. He starts off with an 82 rating, 3 points behind fellow Brazilian Neymar.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain:

The 19-year old teenage winger from England is a good investment for upstart clubs. He is also fairly cheap in the beginning which is good if your team has a tight budget. Fast, quick and tall, Alex can be a good complimentary player for your starting centre forward.

FIFA 13 Specialities and Traits

FIFA 13 Specialities and Traits


5 thoughts on “FIFA 13 Player Prospects

      • He hasn’t had an amazing season 2 goals from 35 games for a striker is Stewart downing territory!

  1. I agree with Neymar coz I’m using Man Utd and he grew till 91 and he’s still growing
    Even Wayne Rooney is at 94+2
    Thanks for the info dude

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