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We’ve noticed that the autobuy software has not really been going down too well, so we’ve decided to stop selling it. The FIFA 14 guide however, still sells strongly and is by far the best way to make thousands of coins easily and effectively.

Introducing the next generation of Ultimate Team cheats that is Millionaire Autobuyer Version 2.0. Easily make millions of FUT coins every single week with this revolutionary software that’s blowing all the competition away with it’s easy to use interface.

Now you can build the perfect dream-team to make you the envy of all the online players. Using the Internal Player Database system, players will now be able to find and add the best players in the world with ease.

No more massive coin losses as they’ll now be a thing of the past and you can look forward to making money on a daily basis. Learn the worst trading mistakes and exactly how to avoid them in future. Simply search for a player, add them to your Trading Inventory and your done.

Using the Price Sync Center, you’ll now see the prices of all the players updated automatically. The software analyzes all the live marketplaces so you don’t have to lift a finger. You couldn’t get these kind of coin making cheats anywhere else.

Now you can calculates the trading ranges to save yourself a huge amount of time, and sit back whilst you earn coins on autopilot. This software is the top FIFA 13 gold making kit available anywhere on the Internet. You’ll become part of the millionaire club within a week with this state of the art system at your fingertips.

FUT Autobuyer

FUT Autobuyer

The FUT 13 hack is a lucrative Autobuying and Autoselling Application that can’t be beaten. Did you ever ask yourself why a player you put up for sale sold in literally seconds? This was likely a user of the FUT 13 autobuyer software that snapped him up using this great device.

Messi FUT 13

Messi FUT 13

If you’ve ever wanted to get a dream-team that is a force to be reckoned with, then this piece of kit is the one for you. Download the FUT hack now, by clicking here and start making ultimate team coins on autopilot.

A Collection Of Ultimate Team Tips

We have decided to give a few Fifa 13 ultimate team tips for players to use in the game. The methods are all explained and our easy to follow guide will help you make more coins more often. Simply follow the guidelines and you will be making coins for fun.

Ultimate Team Tip 1

This method is one of the easiest to nail and can be done whether you have 50 coins or 5000 coins,  it simply doesn’t matter. First off you will need to go to the search page and put your max buy now price setting to exactly the total that you have at that moment.

Then you will have to select the gold players only! This is vital that you choose this and you must not change any techniques that we tell you in this article. Otherwise you can expect this method to not work and that will only put your mood down.

Next scroll up the page list until you see that all of the cards are in the region of 59 minutes and 30 odd seconds. Don’t look for any other type of timing as this is the time that you need to concentrate on.

You will need to keep refreshing from time to time and looking out for a gold mine.let us tell you, there will be a real bargain of a player in there somewhere but you will just have to find him yourself.

You’ll need to purchase some players with your coins and test the market out a bit, just to get the hang of it before you go all guns blazing. By getting a little experience, you will gain knowledge about the market and become a FUT king.

There will be loads of Ultimate Team players that do not know the market and will be selling their little gems at knockdown prices. The default setting of one hour will be used by the amateurs and imagine if that player was rare or a goldmine.

These exact mistakes by the sellers are the ones that you’re going to capitalise on. You can even stay in the auctions all day and just make loads of profit on autopilot if you want. The winnings from this formula are absolutely staggering and this is our top tip for the FUT.

Ultimate Team Tip 2

The most common tip that we are going to give out is daily trading as we like to call it. All you have to do is purchase a player and then go on to sell them for a nice tidy profit. Just keep re using this technique over and over again through the day to make loads of money.

All of the top players tend to go by this simple method and they do it all day everyday. The prices of players tends to change regularly throughout the entire day. So just keep watch on the market and get to know it quick time to be in the running.

Fifa 13 Ultimate Team Tips

Fifa 13 Ultimate Team Tips

Produce 100K FUT Coins A Day With Our Guide

We have developed a revolutionary game guide that will help you make 100K FUT coins every single day. This hack is used by the players that you see raking in the money on a day to day basis. This is the best cheats for Fifa 13 we could ever give you.

Using this amazing system will help you to dominate the rankings and never spend a single penny on packs for players ever again. With textbook help in the form of a strategy guide and videos, you will be a master in the making after using these techniques.

We have not had a single refund on this and we doubt that we ever will because you will be amazed at the power of this system. A free report will be given to you with you’re purchase and you can check out all the testimonials by real people that use this guide.

We do offer a refund to all of our clients but the money that you will be consuming from week to week will mean you won’t want to. There are millions of ultimate team users around the world that make incredible mistakes. This is where their own errors, will be you’re gain.

This method really is the daddy if you want to become a king and jump up in the rankings. Check it out by clicking here and see the full page with all the info and get you’re own copy now. We promise that this will be the best decision that you will ever make.

FUT Guide

FUT Guide

Helpful Tips For FIFA 13 Pro Clubs

FIFA 13 Pro Club Tips

We have received loads of requests to have some tips up on our website for FIFA 13 pro clubs. This game mode is up there with the ultimate team and career mode in being one of the most played features of the new game. With that in mind, we thought we’d give you some helpful insight on how to do well.

If you know how to play with the pro clubs modes, then you will gain the rewards by unlocking trophies and hidden stadiums to test out. The fact that you can use you’re virtual pro in this game mode is an added bonus as well. It is a great feature to use and play with your friends to enjoy unlocking accomplishments along the way.

The Best Formations To Use

Deciding on which is the best possible formation to use for this game mode is a hard one to call. It really does depend on which one suits you’re specific type of football and players. We will however give you some insight into which ones will give you the best benefits.

4-5-1 Formation

If you decide to choose this as you’re very own formation then you will certainly need to be defensive minded. Having some real top quality defenders in you’re team will enable you to keep clean sheets on a regular basis. You will need to have a target man up front to lead you’re line and he needs to be strong.

If you have a striker that has amazing strength and ability to hold the ball up for others to come into play, then this is how you would use this formation to you’re advantage. You need to have a midfield that consists of good players that are comfortable in possession of the ball at all times.

Start you’re team at the back and work you’re way forward and it goes without saying that you should have a decent goalkeeper in goal. You should only choose this specific formation if you like playing you’re football down the middle of the park

Just avoid using this formation if you prefer to have all of the play down the wings and are more of a winger and out wide kind of team. This setup is perfect for teams who like possession play and tiring the opposition out.

4-3-1-2 Formation

Well this is the other recommended setup that we suggest you use for the pro clubs. It is really effective for having enough bodies at the back defending, whilst bringing a good number of players into a new attack. Counter attacks will be you’re friends with this formation, so try and capitalise on them at every opportunity.

General Pro Club Tips To Use

The first tip we should tell you about is looking at the opponents formation and what their game plan is. If you judge correctly, you can use the above formations that we have told you about to outwit you’re opponents. Also if you are good at what you do and you are a master passer that doesn’t give the ball away, you can find the loophole.

Say for example that the other team that you are up against is using a passing and packed midfield formation. You should then stick with the same setup and just basically outplay you’re opponent.

Another great helpful tip is to spot the players that are being manually controlled by other human gamers. These will easily be able to be noticed by something obvious like their football boots being very colourful. Gloves are also a sure sign that they are human as the player would have been edited to suit.

If you target these types of players with marking them tightly, then they will have absolutely no effect in the game what so ever. This will in turn give you a numerical advantage into grabbing all three points.

In regards to you’re own team, try to use the best player in you’re team at all times during the match. In doing so you will pick up way more points and win 50% more of you’re matches. The highest rated player in the team has more chance of making something happen than anyone else.

This is a tip that we say to use in all of the game modes but the pro clubs is definitely no exception. Try to keep possession of the ball for as long as possible to make the other team’s energy fall dramatically. If the opposition’s legs are going, then they will lose pace and ultimately make mistakes which is you’re advantage.

We are going to do these tips in two steps so that you can take these first ones on board and test them out. We’ll be putting up more in the next week or so, so make sure to check back for them and good luck.


How To Dive In FIFA 13 Everytime

So before the game was even out there was an announcement that there would be no dive button implemented into the new game. However, we have found out how you can dive and receive a free kick every single time without fail. We are going to cover the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 buttons that you need to press in order for this cheat to work.

We want to first of all say that there are two ways that we have found to dive and one way where you can get a free kick more often than not. The first way to dive is to be near a goalkeeper and press R2 followed by Triangle for PS3. Wait until the goalkeeper is ready to claim for this to work. For Xbox 360 press LT and Y together at the same time.

The video below shows you exactly how to do this and at what moment to do it, but remember that this method only works near the opposing goalkeeper. The other way which is more suited to outfield players who don’t have possession of the ball is much more simpler and effective.

When chasing the ball, get as close to the player as possible and simply press every single button. Note: This cheat only works when your player that is chasing the ball has no stamina. By pressing all the button, your player will just fall to the ground and be awarded a free kick by the referee.

For people who are saying that this method doesn’t work in the comments box on here and the video on YouTube, it does work. We have personally tested both of these techniques and can tell you for a fact that it works. You must however use all the steps that we have given you and not break up the formula.

Doing so will result in you not successfully diving on FIFA 13 and you will think that it doesn’t work. If you follow the method step by step and practice loads, you will nail it in the end.

The way to get lots of free kicks for free is to flick the ball really quickly to one side as the player is near you and you will end up drawing him in for the foul. This is the most effective way by far to gain many free-kicks in FIFA 13 for fun.

Check out the video we found on YouTube by user “HighhCinema” who absolutely nails the dive to perfection. The people who comment saying this trick does not work are not doing it right. The users who say it does work have clearly followed the technique and practiced until they have nailed it.

The quality of the video is not that great at all we know, but the video was uploaded by a third party and they have all the rights to it. Well they do and of course EA Sports as well.

Mind Blowing Ultimate Team Guide Cheats

We have a guide for you that will absolutely blow you away with the element of surprise and your competition with it. If you ever wanted to make loads of easy cash quickly and effectively, then you will want this UT guide a.s.a.p.

After you have this guide in your possession, you will never waste your money on a UT pack ever again. We will show you how to exactly make 100K in ultimate team coins daily with minimum effort required.

The guide is not free by any means because we are not insane! This FIFA 13 ultimate team guide is easily worth well over the price that we are selling it to you for. There is a 100% satisfaction guaranteed and we will refund your order if you are not happy.

So far since September, we have had just the one refund and we don’t quite know what the story was with that. In fact we feel sorry for the individual who missed out on a massive income boost. Basically we are making money from selling this guide, and you are making a thousand times over the money you bought it for by using it everyday.

You will get extensive reports on when exactly to trade and what to trade and how to trade as well. The e-books that you receive will be more than you will ever need. However, we offer videos and support so that you are a success and can then go on to work on your own making money ever single day.

You will be hearing about the game mechanics exploits that the top level FIFA 13 gamers are using right at that moment to climb the rankings. You will learn all the mistakes that you are currently making and will learn to turn your fortunes around. These same mistakes that you make now, are the ones that your going to capitalise on.

There are on page testimonials as well for your viewing to get insight from real life people that use this unique system. Get the FIFA 13 UT guide to dominate the ultimate team by clicking here now and check it out for yourself.

FIFA 13 UT Guide

FIFA 13 UT Guide

A Definitive FIFA 13 Strategy Guide

You can now gain exclusive access to the definitive FIFA 13 strategy guide that everyone is talking about. This walkthrough guide has propelled even the average gamers to become FIFA kings overnight.

It is a must have if you own the new game and want to beat all the players online in the ultimate team. The fact that you can make money playing video games all day makes this one guide that is a a must have for Christmas.

So many of you are now using this specific guide in your quest to have complete FIFA 13 dominance online. People who do not yet have access to this valuable source are way behind when it comes to beating opponents. There is much more to this than first meets the eye.

You can learn exactly how to do all the silky skills and take more people on by learning them via this strategy guide. It also offers sneaky tricks on which players to buy and sell in the ultimate team mode. Something that can be incredibly useful over time.

Using the auction house to your advantage is the first step to making really big amounts of cash in FIFA 13.  The help and knowledge you will be getting from this can’t be found anywhere else on the net. All the attacking and defending tips are shared withing this source as well.

Check out what all the fuss is about yourself by clicking here and join a elite group of players that dominate FIFA 13 every single day.

FIFA 13 Strategy Guide

The Definitive FIFA 13 Strategy Guide

Essential Cheat Codes For FIFA 13

There has been a massive surge in users looking for FIFA 13 cheat codes on the net for the PS3, PC and Xbox 360 editions of the game. Most websites do not know what they are doing when it comes to cheats and walkthrough guides.

We have teamed up with people who are officially ranked number 1 on Xbox live and also PlayStation 3 and PC experts too. These computer geeks play on the FIFA games all day and all night just to stay at the top of their game.

Having individuals with this caliber of experience and expertise is something that we are very proud of and excited about. They have created up a special e-book on FIFA 13 and all the online modes. Everything is covered in this guide including the ultimate team and career modes, as well as the virtual pro and skill games.

There is not one aspect of the game that these guys don’t know about and they are the best possible players to learn your trade from. There really isn’t anyone else out there that can compete with this kind of knowledge and expert know how.

Our website has been so critically acclaimed that even some of the biggest news websites on the Internet did a press release on us. Top sites like ABC news, Fox news and many others along the way. We haven’t got all this credit through sheer luck and fortune. We have got it from supplying our readers with valuable rich content over the past year.

We have notched up a very respectful subscribers list that enables our blog readers to comment on our articles and tell us their personal feedback. We love to hear from you guys because you make a real difference and we take everything you say on board.

If you want to see the FIFA 13 guide for yourself, then check all of our posts including this one for the link. We personally guarantee you that you will be pleased with the guide and the amazing features it has to offer.

fifa 13 cheat codes

FIFA 13 Cheat Codes

Premier FIFA 13 Guide Review

Let me start by saying this – The Premier FIFA 13 Guide is not perfect.

All things considered, however, it is pretty darn amazing. Seriously.

The legendary FIFA players that wrote the book have really put a ton of effort into making this guide the best it can possibly be. Gary, one of the authors was able to keep his #1 ranking on Xbox live while at the same time building the guide. Let’s jump into some of the highlights!

FIFA 13 Guide

Our Review

Fly Up The Rankings

One of the biggest reasons I first took the plunge to purchase the FIFA guide is that I was just exhausted of hearing my friends talk trash. I don’t know about you, but there is nothing I like more than beating up on my mates.

The Right Strategies In The Right Order

A lot of research has gone into slimming and trimming the guide so that you only get the best FIFA information available. More importantly, they’re organized so that you can concentrate on which ever part of the game that you are struggling with.

This means a lot less time searching blogs, YouTube, and forums for bogus information!

Always In Revision

The team over at Premier FIFA 13 Guide is never really happy with their work. Don’t get me wrong, they definitely have the best FIFA Guide in the whole damn world, but they’re always looking to add the best tips from the professional FIFA players. They will even answer your specific FIFA questions via email.

PS3 And Xbox 360 Versions

Tips are pretty much useless without including the exact buttons for both PS3 and Xbox 360 Controllers. This is the type of QUALITY info that you are looking for. So you know you have the exact manual for the right consoles for you to use.

It Works For All Levels

The problem with a lot of guides is that they assume you’ve been playing FIFA your entire life. This can lead to complete confusion for a beginner player.

The Premier FIFA 13 Guide is broken down into beginner, intermediate, and advanced strategies so you never have to learn anything below you level.

The Conclusion

I won’t lie. After I’ve used this guide, I’ve gotten pretty spoiled. I don’t think I’d ever have gotten to Division 1 with it.

Being a busy man, I just don’t have enough time to play FIFA as much as I would like. When I go the chance to play, I have to make every second of it count.

Whether you’re a new player who needs a lot of guidance or an experienced player looking to start winning money playing in tournaments, this is a guide that everyone can enjoy. Your rankings have fallen in the amount of time it took you to read this review.

Get your hands on the premier FIFA 13 guide today!

The Only FIFA 13 Guide You Will Need

So the last three and a half weeks have been amazing with the latest game coming out in the form of FIFA 13. Presumably the hardest game of the franchise to date, people are asking for cheats and tips already. That’s where we stumbled across a walkthrough guide that will help you dominate FIFA 13 on any console.

Whether it is the PS3. PC, Wii or Xbox 360 format you usually play the epic game on. It simply doesn’t matter as these guys know exactly what they are doing. The person who has written the guide from scratch is actually ranked number 1 on Xbox Live for FIFA 13.

So you could not ask for a better mentor and in him you have somebody who knows exactly what he is talking about. The experience and know how of this guy is incredible knowledge for your eyes and ears. You couldn’t be taught by a better human being than this man.

He has compiled a guide that will take you through step by step on just how to create those goal scoring chances with absolute ease. To finish those chances and to defend like you were John Terry himself. He has got the lot, and he’s willing to show you via he’s impressive walkthrough.

This is the only guide that you’re going to need this fall for the FIFA 13 game. With a super cool and easy to learn e-book manual, to tons of guides covering absolutely everything you can imagine for FIFA 13. You can check out the astonishing masters guide and see what you think for yourself.

FIFA 13 Guide

FIFA 13 Guide