The Ultimate Team Common Player Mistakes

The Ultimate Team is all about knowledge and making the right decisions at the exact right times. You might be wondering why you are not having that much success with your team and want to know what you’re doing wrong. Well we want to share with you some interesting mistakes that you should not make ever.

When buying UT packs, you must continuously imagine as if you are playing the lottery. At the end of the day that’s all that it is, you may get a decent player once in a blue moon. The more likely possibility is that you get loads of rubbish players that weren’t worth the time you took to acquire all the coins to buy the terrible pack.

You must look at the chemistry as well, people tend not to acknowledge this as much as they should do. If you have a high chemistry then you have a massive chance of winning. Try to aim above 85 chemistry and you will see that success will come all that more often for you.

You should never at any moment in time, no matter how annoyed you are, leave a match you have started. The logic behind doing this does not add up and you will only harm yourself in quitting the match. If you have a fiery temper and cannot possibly continue, then let a friend take over.

If a friend is not there with you at the time then you should just put the controller to one side and make yourself a coffee to relax yourself. By quitting games, you will not receive any of the coins when the game ends. Also not to mention your DNF will have a dent in it which is not needed.

Picking the perfect formation for your exact style of play to suit you and your players is pivotal. You want to get maximum performance out of your players so experimenting with tactics is always a great idea. You never know, you might have your dream formation just around the corner.

The fact that there is fatigue, injuries to players and suspensions that are going to happen over time. You will need to have quality and strength in depth on your substitutes bench as well as your first team squad. Try and have an Ultimate Team, because that is the name of the game.

Finding and targeting weaknesses in your opponent is a really clever step towards your success on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. Look at their formations and players before you start a match with them. Researching your opponent can put you one step ahead of the game and it will truly pay off in the end.



How To Activate Financial Takeover In FIFA 13

We have been getting a huge load of queries relating on how to activate the financial takeover on FIFA 13. Most of the forums on the Internet somehow do not have the answer to this question. Also we have done a few experimental searches on YouTube and also found nothing.

It is quite shocking that we have all the answers you would ever need to your FIFA 13 problems. It even puzzles us sometimes with the sheer fact that EA are not even all that useful as they use to be. With no further delay, here is exactly how to sort out the financial takeover in career mode.

First of all your first action will be to purchase it from the EA Sports football club which no doubt most of you will have done already. Once you have bought it, you will have to have a little patience and wait for the nearest transfer window to open. The summer transfer window or the January one it really doesn’t make any difference what so ever.

You will then be able to acquire your money when the transfer window is officially open. You must note though, that you will only be entitled to that kitty for just one single season. Upon the end of the season nearing, you will then get your standard amount.

FIFA 13 CD Key Generator Free Product Code

Many players of the previous game are now looking to get their hands on the KeyGen for FIFA 13. We do not give out hacks on this website but if you do a simple search on the search engines then you are likely to find what you are looking for.

People want to play FIFA 13 for free and are able to do this via a CD key generator and then the game is there to play for as long as you want. if you type the title of this article which is the big text at the top, into the search bar. You should get a number of results that will point you in the right direction.

We would offer this service ourselves but it’s not really our thing as we don’t like bots or hacks. Make sure that the website offering this to you is safe and secure at all times. Do a bit of research on the site first and look at reviews to determine whether it is safe to download or not.

Some FIFA 13 Tips on Transfers

Best Players To Sign in League 1

We haven’t as of yet done any articles on some of the best players to sign on the game. So now we are going to turn the spotlight on the best players to bring in on loan and permanently sign in the Npower League 1. The average promotion chasing team will have players with stats in their mid sixties.

These are one of many FIFA 13 tips and hints that we will be sharing with our readers over the coming months. So here is the shortlist of players that you need to get the checkbook out for and pay wages to.

  • Raheem Sterling – Liverpool (overall 69) Season long loan for £4000 in total wages to be paid to the player each week for a year.
  • Tom Carrol – Tottenham Hotspurs (overall 65) Season long loan for £3000 in total wages to be paid to the player each week for a year.
  • Craig Eastmond – Arsenal (overall 63) Season long loan for £3000 in clubs wages to be paid to the player for a years spell.
  • Angelo Balanta – QPR (overall 64) You can get Angelo for a season long loan and pay he’s wages of £3000 each week for a year.

The two permanent signings that you can get but only in the January transfer window are Jimmy Bullard and Alan Smith. Both of whom play there football at MK Dons. They are of Championship quality but with Premier League experience. The other big player to sign in the Npower League 1 is Alan Judge from Notts County.

There are so many players that can be a transfer target at this level but these players are on the shortlist because they actually do it in the game and play really good at all times. If you sell some of your poorer players to get some of these transfers in, then you will have a quality team assembled for a big promotion push.

Fifa 13 ideas and news

The due launch of fifa 13 this fall is inspiring us to come up with a few ideas of our own for the game. If you haven’t spotted any ideas that you like or disagree on then let us know via our comment box. Alternatively you could completely come up with your own ideas that you would like to be included in the next fifa game. It’s entirely up to you as we love to hear your feedback.

We think that there should be a lot more crowd chants in the game with more of the traditional songs that the fans singe every football game in real life. Like When Liverpool sing Steven Gerrard’s name out in the middle of a premier league match. A Load of gordies singing Newcastle throughout a tie at St James Park with a crowd of 52.000 fans.

Basically in a nutshell we want more of the songs that we hear on television or when we go to a live game on the new fifa. Another idea is to have particular players being booed in a particular game. For example, When Fernando Torres is playing for Chelsea against Liverpool the Scousers would boo Fernando because of him betraying them and moving to a rival premier league club.

The introduction of managers that actually look more visible on the touchline would be a great asset aswell. Imagine seeing sir Alex Ferguson at the dugout ranting over a decision that has gone the other way for the other team. That would look really cool and different.

fifa 13 news

Van Persie fifa 13

In the latest news for fifa this week, is that the 5 new features have been shown over the web. These have been discussed in depth on a previous 2 posts that we have written in the May archives. The new piece of news we have though is that the player impact engine is going to be revamped which we knew, but a little more has come to light. The dodgy graphics will be no more and you are expected to see absolutely no more glitches in the new fifa 13 game at all.

This is great news and more will be posted soon so remember to keep in touch and get involved with us by leaving your personal opinions below. All your comments are most welcome all the time.