Fifa 13 Demo and Match Day Feature

EA Sports have announced that a demo for the new game will be out for users to get there paws into on September 11th 2012. The demo will be made available on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles only.

It will give gamers of the franchise a chance to try out the game to see how much it has developed since the last version only a couple of weeks before the real release.

The brand new match day experience feature was inspired by Manchester City versus Queens Park Rangers fixture on the last day of the Premier League season. EA have decided to revamp it’s live season for the upcoming Fifa 2013 game.

The Producer of the series David Rutter revealed the amazing match day new feature exclusively. This will link all in game events to actual real game action elsewhere whatever league you decide to follow on the game.

Incidents such as suspensions, injuries and football club personal form will play a major part as they will be taken from real football on a day by day basis and drip feed into your Fifa 13 matches that you play.

This is going to be a massive feature that is going to transform the game to an entire new level of gaming. Real life events will be integrated into the commentary which once again will be Alan Smith and Martin Tyler. Such commentary to go with this match day feature would be something like a mention for a players stats and how good the individual may be doing. With on screen statistics to go with the commentary.

Another new features is that the teams that are your personal favorite will now appear in a little side bar which will in turn show there next four fixtures that are upcoming.
The Ultimate team feature will have a transformation with a team of the week coming into effect. Also there will be a tutorial that will be made available to newcomers to the Ultimate team. More news will be coming up in the next few days on all of this.

Fifa 2013 Career Mode Exclusive Preview

We are looking today at the first official Fifa 13 career mode preview and what to expect from it. There have been some major changes to the career mode for the new game and we are going to talk you through the entire lot.

The very first thing that we noticed was that you are now able to change the appearance of your manager that you choose even better than before. The skin tone and also the body physique and suit attire colour of your manager in the career mode.

The next new feature that we instantly came across was the strictness of your financial situation. This has three settings for you to choose from in the settings many to suit your personal preferences of difficulty.

The way this works is when you sell a player to another football club, how much of that money you are then entitled to by the chairmen is down to these exact settings. If you set it higher then obviously you will get the majority of that money back in your kitty to spend on future talent for signings.

As soon as you start your career mode you will get a very helpful menu that will basically explain everything so that you understand completely working as a tutorial if you like. The AI when trading players in the transfer market is incredibly clever and will shock a few fifa 13 fans when they finally get round to trying out the game.

The opposition team will actually sit back and come to terms on whether or not the particular player that you are offering them, will fit into the shape of their team. It’s a very interesting and we are sure popular idea that EA have introduced.

A great example of this is the likes of Manchester United would not take someone like Matthew Etherington on their books when although he is a decent player, he is not world class enough to be in a top four premier league team.

You can also get your head scout to enquirer about a particular target that you happen to be after without actually bidding on them directly. Your personal chief executive will give you welcomed advice on players as well. So you might be bidding to much on a signing and he will let you know that you can put in a lower offer instead.

There are certain ways to lure big players to your club by saying you will be a cup player for important cup games. The other responses are saying that they will be a very crucial player for the team or a first team player. All this depends on whether or not the major signing decides to join your football club.

What you must be very careful of, is when you get a offer of say £27M for David Silva and you can put your price tag on Silva for example £31M. If the opposition team meet that price for him, then you have no choice but to sell and you will lose that specific player. It is good if you want a clear out, but be very careful with your first choice power houses.

You can use the loan window as well in mid season on Fifa 2013 which is a great new feature to be added. At the end of a match you get even more detailed reports than ever before which may help some gamers. The transfer window is much more filled with less activity than in previous fifa games so don’t expect loads of transfer dealings to go on between other clubs on the main menu.

The touchlines are now more animated than ever before as well like substitutions will be able to be seen in the background warming up doing stretches. The fans are much more louder with on pitch incidents this time around.

All in all Fifa 13 career mode looks pretty damn awesome and we certainly are going to be playing it until Fifa 14 comes out well over a year away. This game though, does look like it delivers on everything that the loyal fan base deserves and people will not be disappointed one bit.


Our take on Fifa 13’s controls first look preview

With just over a month to go until it’s big anticipated release, we have a massive first hands on preview of Fifa 13 and it’s new controls that have been put into place. Everybody is well aware of the new changes that are involved with the new addition, but if you are not aware of them, then we have covered this many times in post over the past few months.

Just go through our archives and you will be able to see our posts on the new features and improvements that are to be introduced into the new game. Basically in a nutshell, the player impact engine is to be dramatically improved. As well as complete dribbling, first touches to have a major makeover and the free kicks to be more team like. The free kicks will be better because of the variety of different ways to actually score from them.

So we took a first look at the epic game and found out a few things that certainly pleased us to the extent that we just cannot wait for it’s release. The players stats and attributes will be a fair representation of what’s going on during the players performance in the match.

When dribbling with the likes of the great Lionel Messi, the ball amazingly sticks to he’s feet as it does so many times in games he plays for Barcelona or Argentina. So the realism involved in mind blowing when you think about it. We tried Peter crouch out in a premier league game and the heading ability that he had was world class and untouchable.

The first touch of players with great technique tended to pull off a sublime touch than that of the players that had poorer technique. Jonathan Walters had a very poor touch than compared to someone like Carlos Tevez.

When fans of the game play with football league teams in the lower leagues such as the Npower Championship and Npower League 1 and League 2, the difference is there for all to see. The professionals at that sort of level (with no disrespect intended) are not blessed with the skills that of a premier league or Serie A player.

So naturally the quality on display will be of a real difference and many football fanatics will no doubt be expecting this and accept it as a real form of realism.

The defending has been improved by a country mile and fans will be pleased to hear that we are very much liking the changes that have been put in place. The defending seems more controlled and with help from the AI in defence, it is a big bonus to have. It will however, take quite a considerable amount of matches for people to get used to the new defensive system. The more you play, the more you will learn and get better at it.

Overall the new fifa 13 game looks the real deal when it comes to improving on last years brilliant addition. Feel free to let us know if this was exactly what you wanted to hear or whether or not you wanted another big change to be implemented. Another hands on preview will be on our site in the coming weeks so make sure to check back for that one too.

Fifa 2013 features and improvements

The expectation for the new fifa game is higher than ever before as fans are looking for vast improvements than to the previous game. The changes to the last game were very good and people do acknowledge that, but at the same time want the next installment to be just as good. There is no secret to there being 5 key changes in this next game. Lets take a more in depth look at them and explain exactly what they are.

There will be more of an attacking intelligence in fifa 13 and this will allow players to be one step ahead when attacks are underway. It’s going to be the best AI ever on a fifa game to date. The players will actually make some space in the penalty area and act on the ball to capitalizeon attackswith maximum effect. This will be revolutionary and fans are going to absolutely love this new feature.

The dribbling will be enhanced aswell and it is going to be called the complete dribbling feature. This will be good for when the player with the ball at he’s feet is facing the attacking direction and uses the dribbling with the 360 system that has superb accuracy. You will have a better chance of creating goal scoring opportunities like this. It will be deadly in one on one situations with the defensive player or goalkeeper.

Last years first touch is going to be notched up a gear aswell and is going to be improved considerably. The way in which this works is pretty much all the players are going to not have a decent touch of the ball when they receive it from another team mate. The players that will have a perfect touch will be the very skillful ones with sublime technique. This feature will benefit the defenders as they will be winning possession of the ball more often than in other fifa games.

The tactical set plays when you have a free kick will be improved aswell in fifa 13. Creating a chance from a free kick will be even better and more life like as the diversity of the set plays is considerably improved. This will be amazing if you were a team like Stoke city with all there tall players that they have in their team.

The player impact engine will totally get revamped from scratch which is really great to hear from EA. Unlike last year when it involved having a physical presence and balance, this year it will involve off the ball play aswell. Those are the five new improvements that are going to be made to this years fifa 13.

Official Fifa 13 New Features

It has been announced in the last day or two that there will be new improved features for the ea sports game fifa 13. This will not come as a surprise to most hardcore gamers of the football games because ea decide to do this every single year as soon as the last is released they want to make improvements.

The new features will be much needed ones and they will be focusing on pretty much the basics with this new game. Every year people putout their personal wish list of what they want to have installed on the next upcoming game in the fifa series. I think ea games takes a strong look at this and takes what the people say on board.

So you must be wondering what all the new features will be for the new game then huh? Well you can see it here first as we are going to get all the latest news from the new fifa game first before anyone and publicly post it here as an article so you our readers will be able to see it here first hand.

The first thing that fifa said they are concentrating on is the (first touch) control which has been going since fifa 2003 with it having an immediate taking to. Ea want to make this touch even better than before and more realistic so that it would actually look like the player would actually take the specific touch in question. For instance, Messi will have a totally world class touch compared to Michael Dawson. I think it will have a lot to do with what the player in questions technique is and how high it is in statistics.

The second thing that ea are going to improve is the (player impact engine) which actually made it’s debut last year on fifa 2012. They want to work on this and improve it so that it gets maximum realism involved with it. This will be to the delight of fifa fans as a lot of them have criticized the engine saying that ea sports rushed it a bit. Another factor would be that there were a lot of glitches in the game as a result of this, so they will want to rectify this.

The third and most exciting new feature that they are putting in the new version is (enhanced precise dribbling). This was the one that excited us the most personally because we really think that fifa should get it right with the 2012 version. It’s been a longtime coming really and needs to be resolved asap.

The fourth implemented feature is that is to be put into the game is tactical free-kicks. This feature sounds well cool and could be the one to beat pro evolution soccer yet again if they get it spot on. I think everybody will want great free-kicks on fifa 13 because it’s one thing that they haven’t really concentrated on in the past and have sort of left it on auto pilot so to speak.

The final feature is (attacking AI) which we don’t quite no which way round it is to be honest. It could be one of two things, either it’s when your in the possesion of the ball and the AI make the runs forward. Or it is when you are playing against the computer and they will take their chances a little better than in previous fifa games. Only time will tell but we sure are liking all these new features which are going to happen so let us  know what you think below.