This Weeks FIFA 13 News

Well yesterday saw the official release of the Wii U FIFA 13 game in Europe which is expected to do reasonably well in the sales. The smart features of this version is that it has HD in game graphics which is really good.

As we covered in a previous post, the ultimate team was offline for a short while as EA wanted to fix some of the recurring problems that the game mode sustained. Pretty quickly we saw that the ultimate team was then back online ready for gamers to start using again.

Whether or not the problems have been permanently sorted out for good, remains to be seen in the next couple of weeks. We will keep you up to date on any issues that have been reported by gamers and the comments box would be a great place to start posting your views or problems you have with the UT.

Also in the news this week, was the special bonus edition that comes with buying FIFA 13 brand new. This is obviously a good call by EA to make more sales and seems to be working wonders as well. When you purchase the game now, you will get packs and other added extras which we covered in an article this week.

On our Twitter account this week we want to give out a special mention to all of our followers who have been very loyal and have interacted with us on a daily basis. We love posting our content on Twitter and like to answer any query’s or questions you may have on the game so keep them coming in.

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Buy & Selling Players Career Mode Glitch Fix – FIFA 13

Many of our loyal readers this week have asked us on Twitter to help them with the career mode glitches. A couple of days ago we helped FIFA 13 gamers out with the dreaded missing ball glitch that was annoying everyone. Today we are going to tell you the best course of action to take in order to stop the glitches in the career mode.

So people have been saying that when they buy or sell a player on career mode that it just suddenly freezes on them. Deciding to delete your game face for virtual pro seems to tackle these issues quickly. You may not want to do that but in all honesty you may not have a choice in it.

Also you can try and delete your FIFA 2012 data that you have brought onto the new 13 game. Just make sure to delete every bit of information from the previous years edition. This tip seems to help players the most and we have received a lot of positive feedback from our Twitter followers.

What we would like to point out to you regarding in game glitches either online or off, is there is to be a major update by EA rather soon. It has been officially announced that they plan to tackle all of these annoying glitches that their customers are having and will take the best course of action to eliminate them.

They will be launching a major update for FIFA 13 so that all the glitches hopefully are a thing of the past. A patch for the Xbox 360 is due anytime soon and by following us on Twitter, you will receive the news first. Our profile is FIFA 13 Cheats and can be found easily on the social site.

The maintenance that will be carried out will resolve such issues as the career mode freezing all the time. There will be more stability with connection whilst playing the game online. Servers will have a major update for the FIFA 13 auction house and the Ultimate Team web app that loads of people use. Keep checking back to us for more updates on the glitches for the game.

Invisible Ball – FIFA 13 Glitch Fix

Over the last couple of weeks we have received numerous amounts of emails with people saying about the invisible missing ball. This typically happens in the manager career mode on FIFA 13. So we thought that we would write a post on it to help those individuals who need pointing in the right direction in order to fix the problem.

Basically before you start the match from the menu, you need to go the the game settings and change the ball. The ball that makes it invisible is the default football and that is the one you need to avoid at all costs. Change it to any different ball of your choice and start the game with a visible football on the pitch.

Loads of people have written in and complained to EA about this terrible glitch but we have the answer. FIFA 13 has been in and out of the news thanks to in game glitches that are regularly occurring. Thankfully this is the only one to date that tends to happen in the career mode.

The others are in the online mode when playing against their friends or the famous Ultimate Team. For more solutions to game glitches involving FIFA 13 stay up to date here and check back periodically.

fifa 13 ball glitch

FIFA 13 Ball Glitch

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Cheapest FIFA 13 Prices – Tesco and Blockbuster

You can now get FIFA 13 at Blockbuster for the cheapest price at just £14.99 when you trade in either Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Borderlands 2 or F1 2012. The deal is absolutely incredible and by far the best deal going at the moment anywhere. This deal is sending a clear message to people from Blockbuster telling them they still have what it takes to be competitive in the market.

Tesco however are offering the game for an amazing £39.99 on it’s own with no catch. If you want the game for a deal at £29.99 then you have to buy £35 PlayStation Network Card (£34.96) or 4200 Microsoft Points (£34.87) or 2100 Microsoft Points (£17.87) which is probably the best and cheapest deal from Tesco.

This is great news if you haven’t yet purchased FIFA 13 and was waiting for a decent offer to come from one of the major retailers. The prices of games and FIFA 13 in general will drop closer to Christmas time, so make sure you check out our site for the best and most exclusive offers.

FIFA 13 News Details On Midnight Release In The UK

Some new details on the launch of FIFA 13 in the UK have been released by the retailer Game. They plan to hold a special midnight release of the game at some of their major stores throughout the United Kingdom. The launch at midnight, will be on Thursday 27th September in the evening.

The UK is by far the biggest market for the game as so many Brits love their football and more importantly love the FIFA series. People who live in the United States and North America already have access to the game as it got released there yesterday.

The massive retailer that dominates the high streets in the UK (Game) are holding a special midnight release at some of the biggest stores tomorrow. The special events are at certain specific stores. So you will have to go online to the official Game website to see if the store near where you live is holding one of the events.

There are loads of different bundles and copy’s of the game that you can get at Game. They will be selling the standard FIFA 13 game for £42.99 and as said by us a few days ago, you can trade in 2 new titles and get FIFA 2013 for 99p. For the better Ultimate Team edition of the game, the price stands at £48.99 at Game.

The UT edition will include 24 amazing gold packs which includes the Adidas all star team. Make sure to check whether your own store near you is one of the special midnight launch parties online first.



FIFA 13 UT Web App Server Down

The FIFA 13 Ultimate Team server is currently offline because EA Sports had to take it down due to malfunctions within the database. The server will have to be tampered with by EA staff to fix the problem as many gamers become increasingly angry with the situation.

There were restricted rare card packs that made many FIFA players angry because they were sold on for a profit. These packs typically included Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. So EA have had no alternative but to reset the game servers completely.

EA did respond to their customers on the social networking website “Twitter” saying that they are going to deal with these issues that have come about. They will have to keep the UT web app offline for the foreseeable future until these issues can be resolved.

The news came today with only a matter of days before the console versions of the game are released to the public in different regions around the world. So EA Sports will not want to hear of any other slip ups or problems in the near future.

EA basically want a real good user experience for all FIFA 13 Ultimate Team players and don’t want to rush the game. They have since apologized to their customers for the delay and plan to get things back to normal as soon as possible.

Web App For Ultimate Team – FIFA 13 News

FIFA 2013 UT Web App

The access to the FIFA 2013 Ultimate Team web application early on has now officially gone live. This feature is only available to previous FIFA 12 UT players unfortunately and they can get exclusive access from today. You have to remember to create that all important security question if you want to get your hands on it early.

You will be entitled to special gift packs which will be really cool and you will be receiving these on a daily basis. You can get even more packs if you are a dedicated FIFA 13 Ultimate Team fanatic.

PS3 Launch with FIFA 13 Bundle Deal

In other news, the official unveiling of the new look PlayStation 3 will go out on the exact same day that FIFA 13 is launched in the UK. The new slimline PS3 which looks absolutely perfect with it’s unique sliding lid feature and 500GB.

Sony made the announcement this week and we can’t help but get excited about this as they are also offering a super cool deal to go with it. The bundle deal will see this brand new look slim PS3 and the FIFA 13 full game included for a certain price. We are unable to give you the price at the moment for either the bundle or in fact the new PS3 price.

That’s because Sony Computer Entertainment have not yet given the slimline PlayStation 3 a fixed price as of yet. The pricing of the product and bundle should be announced in the not too distant future we expect. You can check out a sneak peak photo of the new PS3 below.

PS3 Slimline

The all new PlayStation 3 slimline that Sony have unveiled will go with a FIFA 13 bundle.


Record Breaking Pre Orders For FIFA 13 And Demo Downloads

EA Sports FIFA 13 has had a fantastic week with the demo downloads having been downloaded just under the 2 million mark. More downloading is expected to go ahead and the overall success will be most pleasing to the famous game developers.

FIFA 13’s official demo became available to download on the 10th September with the PC and Xbox 360 versions being launched first ahead of the PS3 version. The PlayStation 3 demo was expected to available for download on the 11th this month. However there was much trouble with the official PlayStation store website and downloading was temporarily suspended.

The issue did eventually get resolved and without too much time passing by, people were able to get the FIFA 13 PS3 demo version and play the game at long last. We were on Twitter all day helping members of the public with downloading the demo and we got a big response and a lot of thank yous.

In other amazing news for EA, Pre orders have reached an all time high for the game as well this week. The record got smashed as it beat the previous game by a whopping 38% in Europe. In North America there was even better news, as pre orders were on the up with 63% more than last years acquisition.

This takes the total of pre orders to 880,000 total number of copies sold for FIFA 2013 already. Another bit of news that EA will be best pleased to hear considering their efforts.

If you are a EA Sports season ticket holder in Europe,then you will have access to the game on Saturday 22nd September. Which in turn will be an extra 6 days earlie rthan you would already have to wait. The full official version of FIFA 13 comes out on 28th September in Europe.

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