Earn Cash – Play Video Games For Free

Play Games & Work From Home

Yes you read the title right, you can actually play video games all day and earn money at the same time without having to go to University or college to study. Not only that, the games you will be playing will be brand new and not even officially released to the public.

The coolest part is actually getting payed to do this aswell, which for most gamers will be their dream job. Well now you can actually have that dream job that you’ve always been looking for. You will be payed by legitimate video game development company’s. There will be 24 different company’s in all and some are very well known.

This is a self-employed vacancy as the other super cool thing is you can actually work from home whilst doing this. You can also have your own work hours and work whenever you decide that you want to. You are in complete control of your own shifts. So if you only want to play the latest new games for 4 hours in the day, that’s completely fine.

You can’t completely relax as you are actually there to work so to put it. You will be doing things like pointing out the in game mistakes. Giving a rating and review on the game after playing it from beginning to end. The big company’s that you will be testing games for are as follows.

  1. Nintendo
  2. EA Games
  3. Blizzard
  4. Microsoft
  5. Capcom

Those are the top 5 most popular company’s that you will be working alongside. That means you will be playing the new FIFA, Resident Evil and Diablo games straight before anybody has even spoken about it or played the demo version.

Another amazing bonus that will really get you excited, is you get to keep the games that you test out for life. So after you have tried and tested it, it’s yours to keep and play for fun. This work will also go on your CV and give you vital experience in the field. Check it out Click here