Fifa 13 Gameplay Tips

EA Sports Fifa has truly been a legacy. Since the year of its inception, the franchise has continued to charm the fans year after year. The latest iteration to the series is no different. Fifa 13 has already amassed huge interest among the fans and critics alike.

Not everyone is a Fifa Champion from birth and that is exactly the reason we decided to come up with this blog post to deliver some amazing Fifa 13 tips. You must read on.

Play like a chameleon

You got it right. Never be the same player twice. Keep looking for goal scoring opportunities. Don’t just rely on a single method to score goals.

The entire field is yours and make sure, you have at least 5 or 6 different ways of making that ball reach the goal post. It makes you less predictable and keeps your opponents guessing. Surely, that sounds great.

Use the Speedsters

So if you have a team that has a superstar like Ronaldo or Messi, use their speed skills to outfox the defenders. When these players are running, it is a surety that there is no one who can catch them. Mark these words, no one. And then you have only the keeper to beat!

Crossing Tips

Crossing, generally, is something that is not always accurate. But with some teams, the defense isn’t the forte and an airborne football at any angle is a dangerous proposition. A perfect early cross in such cases will mean no clean-sheet for the opposition’s goalkeeper.

Use The Keeper

Being one on one with the attacker is probably the worst feeling ever if you are the keeper. But if you use the keeper cleverly you can always save that one goal.

If your keeper is left without his defenders and the opposition attacker is charging towards the goal, you can bring your keeper rushing forward and then releasing him. This will put the attacker into thinking mode and make him try and do something different. Most often than not, this will save a goal.

Contain second man pressure

The dedicated key for applying pressure is of huge help. You can either apply pressure with a single player or with a team mate.

This will surround the attacker with your players and releasing the button at the right time will result in a tackle being made. Just remember, this might result in your formation being disrupted and your defense will be left open.

One Two Passing

One two passing with odd dribbling can help you create easy spaces in the field. This does two things. It keeps your play moving forward. And it keeps the opponents gasping for the ball to reach to them. The more you keep the possession, the more chances you give yourself to score a goal.

Use through passes & lobbed through passes

This is one technique you can use to bypass the defenders. If you see one of your attackers speeding down the wings, you can through a lob pass to him and he can take the ball forward then. If the attacker is a speedster, this makes for a very rapid attack on to the goal.

So there you have it: Fifa 13 tips to get you going. Do try them and tell us if they worked for you.

fifa 13 gameplay tips

fifa 13 gameplay tips

A Collection Of Ultimate Team Tips

We have decided to give a few Fifa 13 ultimate team tips for players to use in the game. The methods are all explained and our easy to follow guide will help you make more coins more often. Simply follow the guidelines and you will be making coins for fun.

Ultimate Team Tip 1

This method is one of the easiest to nail and can be done whether you have 50 coins or 5000 coins,  it simply doesn’t matter. First off you will need to go to the search page and put your max buy now price setting to exactly the total that you have at that moment.

Then you will have to select the gold players only! This is vital that you choose this and you must not change any techniques that we tell you in this article. Otherwise you can expect this method to not work and that will only put your mood down.

Next scroll up the page list until you see that all of the cards are in the region of 59 minutes and 30 odd seconds. Don’t look for any other type of timing as this is the time that you need to concentrate on.

You will need to keep refreshing from time to time and looking out for a gold mine.let us tell you, there will be a real bargain of a player in there somewhere but you will just have to find him yourself.

You’ll need to purchase some players with your coins and test the market out a bit, just to get the hang of it before you go all guns blazing. By getting a little experience, you will gain knowledge about the market and become a FUT king.

There will be loads of Ultimate Team players that do not know the market and will be selling their little gems at knockdown prices. The default setting of one hour will be used by the amateurs and imagine if that player was rare or a goldmine.

These exact mistakes by the sellers are the ones that you’re going to capitalise on. You can even stay in the auctions all day and just make loads of profit on autopilot if you want. The winnings from this formula are absolutely staggering and this is our top tip for the FUT.

Ultimate Team Tip 2

The most common tip that we are going to give out is daily trading as we like to call it. All you have to do is purchase a player and then go on to sell them for a nice tidy profit. Just keep re using this technique over and over again through the day to make loads of money.

All of the top players tend to go by this simple method and they do it all day everyday. The prices of players tends to change regularly throughout the entire day. So just keep watch on the market and get to know it quick time to be in the running.

Fifa 13 Ultimate Team Tips

Fifa 13 Ultimate Team Tips

Produce 100K FUT Coins A Day With Our Guide

We have developed a revolutionary game guide that will help you make 100K FUT coins every single day. This hack is used by the players that you see raking in the money on a day to day basis. This is the best cheats for Fifa 13 we could ever give you.

Using this amazing system will help you to dominate the rankings and never spend a single penny on packs for players ever again. With textbook help in the form of a strategy guide and videos, you will be a master in the making after using these techniques.

We have not had a single refund on this and we doubt that we ever will because you will be amazed at the power of this system. A free report will be given to you with you’re purchase and you can check out all the testimonials by real people that use this guide.

We do offer a refund to all of our clients but the money that you will be consuming from week to week will mean you won’t want to. There are millions of ultimate team users around the world that make incredible mistakes. This is where their own errors, will be you’re gain.

This method really is the daddy if you want to become a king and jump up in the rankings. Check it out by clicking here and see the full page with all the info and get you’re own copy now. We promise that this will be the best decision that you will ever make.

FUT Guide

FUT Guide

A Look At Fifa 13 Specialities And Traits

So we wanted to cover this week the ever growing questions asked about the specialities and traits in Fifa 13. People ask what players have them, and how do i acquire these traits? Well what we can tell you is traits can’t be gained at all and are there by default.

You will not be able to gain any and the players who play for the computer teams will not be able to either. They are assigned to a specific player and they stay there for life. With specialities though, these can actually be gained throughout a players playing career.

If you have some young players in you’re squad and they are well in form scoring goals and getting assists, then you are halfway there already. By consistently playing well with youth academy players, you will acquire Fifa 13 specialities over the course of a season.

When you receive specialities is typically about halfway through the season in January. This is not always the case but in most cases that is when you’re players with potential will gain these.

As we have said already, traits can’t be acquired by anyone, but signing players that have these traits will give you an upper hand in the matches. Here is the long list of traits that are available in the game.

Fifa 13 Player Traits

  1. GK Long Throw (Having this will increase you’re goalkeepers over arm throwing capability.)
  2. GK Flat Kick (If you’re goalkeeper has this trait, he’s kicking from a standing position will have more pace and better accuracy.)
  3. GK Up For Corners (When you may be in a losing position late in the game, the goalkeeper will join the attack from corner kicks.)
  4. Long Throw In (Allows the player with this ability to throw the ball a lot further than any other player from throw ins.)
  5. Driven Pass (You will be able to do more pacey and accurate long ball passes with this trait.)
  6. Second Wind (When there is 10 or so minutes left in the match, the players stamina will increase to give you the edge over you’re opponents late on.)
  7. Diving Header (If the player has this then he will produce diving headers a lot more than anyone else.)
  8. Acrobatic Clearance (Enables a player to do a David Luiz type of clearance when getting rid of the danger in defence.)
  9. Bicycle Kick (This trait is brilliant for performing over head kicks and bicycle kicks with a player.)
  10. Early Crosser (This trait is very effective because is allows for a unexpected early cross, as well as giving a little curl on the ball at the same time.)
  11. Fancy Flicks (With this ability, players can do back heels and little silky flicks a lot more with ease.)
  12. Finesse Shot (When shooting with the striker or midfielder, having this trait will enable a more accurate shot with the side of the players boot.)
  13. Fancy Passes (This trait is very rare and if the player that you have owns it, then he’s passing will be very diversified compared to others.)
  14. Outside Foot Shot (Great for when shooting as you can shoot by using the outside of you’re foot.)
  15. Skilled Dribbling (Having this trait will be an advantage when using the skill controls to take players on and will make it a lot easier.)
  16. Power Header (If you have a player that has this ability, then the headers that he performs will be thunderers and hit with venom.)
  17. Stutter Penalty (If a player has this then he may choose to do a feint and check the keeper before slotting home.)
  18. Giant Throw In (This monster throw in is deadly when launched into the oppositions final third.)
  19. Power Free Kick (This is a rare trait for a player to have and if he has it, then he will be able to drill home free kicks low and with amazing pace on the ball.)
  20. Swerve Pass (This trait is effective for not only through balls, but spreading play with passes around the pitch and it adds some swerve onto the ball.)

Well that is the full list of traits that are available on the game with the players that they are respectively assigned to. Remember, you cannot gain traits but you can sign the players that do have them already.

fifa 13 specialities

Fifa 13 Player Traits


FIFA 13 Career Mode Club Job Offers Info

In the last couple of days we have received numerous requests to put up some vital information on the career mode club job offers. There are a lot of players out there that think they’re doing something wrong because they haven’t had any successful job applications accepted.

We’re here to put this right and let you in on how to land you’re dream job on Fifa 13 manager/career mode. If you are one of those gamers that have come across a board that have told you that you were unsuccessful in becoming their new coach, we have the answers in full.

Basically the way to receive job offers whilst in career mode is by winning loads of football matches. Selling a player and making a considerable profit from the sale is another great way. Being nominated and actually winning the manager of the month award also plays a major part in getting offers too.

Usually the best method is to win as many games as you possibly can, but being triumphant and being crowned league champions is the shortcut to getting noticed. If you deliver cups and league championships, then you will in turn enhance you’re managers credentials and reputation significantly.

You are set targets by you’re clubs board of directors when you either first take control of the football club, or at the start of the season. By delivering results and meeting those targets, you will do yourself a big favour in regards to making a name for yourself.

You have to look at it as real life when it comes to receiving job offers from third party clubs. If you’re record does not stand out and speak volumes, then why should they hire you as their new coach? It is very realistic and people can’t really complain, because if you’re good enough, then you deserve the job.

We hope this info has helped you guys to understand and answered all the questions that you may have had on the career mode job offers. Stay with us and check back now and again to get more great tips on the game.

Fifa 13 career mode

Fifa 13 career mode job

Browse Our FIFA Website For Cheats

Over the last few months we have been supplying Fifa 13 cheats for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. We just wanted to create a post that will tell you a little bit more about our website and what we are all about. Reading this article will help you to understand a lot more.

So overall we have posted nearly a hundred articles since we created up the site way back in may last year. Inside these posts you will find valuable content that can help you improve you’re game on Fifa 13. Whether it’s the career mode, ultimate team or any of the brilliant game modes that the football game offers.

There is so much that you can find here on our official site that is not only informative, but will genuinely help you become a much better player in the long haul. Here is a list of the typical quality interesting things that you will find on our blog.

  • Cheat Codes
  • Walkthrough Guide
  • Ultimate Team Making coins Tricks
  • Best Players Potential
  • The Official Player Ratings
  • All The Latest News
  • Fifa 13 Virtual pro Info
  • Career Mode Cheats
  • Gameplay Tips
  • All Of The Above Includes PS3, Xbox 360 & PC

The above list does not even touch the sides in covering half of what you would find whilst searching and browsing our site. Navigation is pretty much in hand on here, however we can give you a few more helpful tips on alternative shortcuts to finding the specific content that you want.

If you look to the right on our homepage, you will see that there is a whole host of links that are named archives. This is the months in which we posted the articles and the exact day and time that they were published on our website.

Doing you’re search that way will be a fantastic way to find what you are looking for. One of the best ways is more targeted to you’re search, is to click on the articles tags. In doing this, you will have a whole page that will be dedicated to what the tags name is.

The tags can be located underneath every single blog post that we have ever done. They were assigned to help our readers and the end user to find the content that they specifically want. We hope that this has helped and we look forward to giving out more tips and cheats in the future too.

Fifa 13 Blog

Check out our blog posts


Helpful Tips For FIFA 13 Pro Clubs

FIFA 13 Pro Club Tips

We have received loads of requests to have some tips up on our website for FIFA 13 pro clubs. This game mode is up there with the ultimate team and career mode in being one of the most played features of the new game. With that in mind, we thought we’d give you some helpful insight on how to do well.

If you know how to play with the pro clubs modes, then you will gain the rewards by unlocking trophies and hidden stadiums to test out. The fact that you can use you’re virtual pro in this game mode is an added bonus as well. It is a great feature to use and play with your friends to enjoy unlocking accomplishments along the way.

The Best Formations To Use

Deciding on which is the best possible formation to use for this game mode is a hard one to call. It really does depend on which one suits you’re specific type of football and players. We will however give you some insight into which ones will give you the best benefits.

4-5-1 Formation

If you decide to choose this as you’re very own formation then you will certainly need to be defensive minded. Having some real top quality defenders in you’re team will enable you to keep clean sheets on a regular basis. You will need to have a target man up front to lead you’re line and he needs to be strong.

If you have a striker that has amazing strength and ability to hold the ball up for others to come into play, then this is how you would use this formation to you’re advantage. You need to have a midfield that consists of good players that are comfortable in possession of the ball at all times.

Start you’re team at the back and work you’re way forward and it goes without saying that you should have a decent goalkeeper in goal. You should only choose this specific formation if you like playing you’re football down the middle of the park

Just avoid using this formation if you prefer to have all of the play down the wings and are more of a winger and out wide kind of team. This setup is perfect for teams who like possession play and tiring the opposition out.

4-3-1-2 Formation

Well this is the other recommended setup that we suggest you use for the pro clubs. It is really effective for having enough bodies at the back defending, whilst bringing a good number of players into a new attack. Counter attacks will be you’re friends with this formation, so try and capitalise on them at every opportunity.

General Pro Club Tips To Use

The first tip we should tell you about is looking at the opponents formation and what their game plan is. If you judge correctly, you can use the above formations that we have told you about to outwit you’re opponents. Also if you are good at what you do and you are a master passer that doesn’t give the ball away, you can find the loophole.

Say for example that the other team that you are up against is using a passing and packed midfield formation. You should then stick with the same setup and just basically outplay you’re opponent.

Another great helpful tip is to spot the players that are being manually controlled by other human gamers. These will easily be able to be noticed by something obvious like their football boots being very colourful. Gloves are also a sure sign that they are human as the player would have been edited to suit.

If you target these types of players with marking them tightly, then they will have absolutely no effect in the game what so ever. This will in turn give you a numerical advantage into grabbing all three points.

In regards to you’re own team, try to use the best player in you’re team at all times during the match. In doing so you will pick up way more points and win 50% more of you’re matches. The highest rated player in the team has more chance of making something happen than anyone else.

This is a tip that we say to use in all of the game modes but the pro clubs is definitely no exception. Try to keep possession of the ball for as long as possible to make the other team’s energy fall dramatically. If the opposition’s legs are going, then they will lose pace and ultimately make mistakes which is you’re advantage.

We are going to do these tips in two steps so that you can take these first ones on board and test them out. We’ll be putting up more in the next week or so, so make sure to check back for them and good luck.


How To Dive In FIFA 13 Everytime

So before the game was even out there was an announcement that there would be no dive button implemented into the new game. However, we have found out how you can dive and receive a free kick every single time without fail. We are going to cover the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 buttons that you need to press in order for this cheat to work.

We want to first of all say that there are two ways that we have found to dive and one way where you can get a free kick more often than not. The first way to dive is to be near a goalkeeper and press R2 followed by Triangle for PS3. Wait until the goalkeeper is ready to claim for this to work. For Xbox 360 press LT and Y together at the same time.

The video below shows you exactly how to do this and at what moment to do it, but remember that this method only works near the opposing goalkeeper. The other way which is more suited to outfield players who don’t have possession of the ball is much more simpler and effective.

When chasing the ball, get as close to the player as possible and simply press every single button. Note: This cheat only works when your player that is chasing the ball has no stamina. By pressing all the button, your player will just fall to the ground and be awarded a free kick by the referee.

For people who are saying that this method doesn’t work in the comments box on here and the video on YouTube, it does work. We have personally tested both of these techniques and can tell you for a fact that it works. You must however use all the steps that we have given you and not break up the formula.

Doing so will result in you not successfully diving on FIFA 13 and you will think that it doesn’t work. If you follow the method step by step and practice loads, you will nail it in the end.

The way to get lots of free kicks for free is to flick the ball really quickly to one side as the player is near you and you will end up drawing him in for the foul. This is the most effective way by far to gain many free-kicks in FIFA 13 for fun.

Check out the video we found on YouTube by user “HighhCinema” who absolutely nails the dive to perfection. The people who comment saying this trick does not work are not doing it right. The users who say it does work have clearly followed the technique and practiced until they have nailed it.

The quality of the video is not that great at all we know, but the video was uploaded by a third party and they have all the rights to it. Well they do and of course EA Sports as well.

The Ultimate Team Common Player Mistakes

The Ultimate Team is all about knowledge and making the right decisions at the exact right times. You might be wondering why you are not having that much success with your team and want to know what you’re doing wrong. Well we want to share with you some interesting mistakes that you should not make ever.

When buying UT packs, you must continuously imagine as if you are playing the lottery. At the end of the day that’s all that it is, you may get a decent player once in a blue moon. The more likely possibility is that you get loads of rubbish players that weren’t worth the time you took to acquire all the coins to buy the terrible pack.

You must look at the chemistry as well, people tend not to acknowledge this as much as they should do. If you have a high chemistry then you have a massive chance of winning. Try to aim above 85 chemistry and you will see that success will come all that more often for you.

You should never at any moment in time, no matter how annoyed you are, leave a match you have started. The logic behind doing this does not add up and you will only harm yourself in quitting the match. If you have a fiery temper and cannot possibly continue, then let a friend take over.

If a friend is not there with you at the time then you should just put the controller to one side and make yourself a coffee to relax yourself. By quitting games, you will not receive any of the coins when the game ends. Also not to mention your DNF will have a dent in it which is not needed.

Picking the perfect formation for your exact style of play to suit you and your players is pivotal. You want to get maximum performance out of your players so experimenting with tactics is always a great idea. You never know, you might have your dream formation just around the corner.

The fact that there is fatigue, injuries to players and suspensions that are going to happen over time. You will need to have quality and strength in depth on your substitutes bench as well as your first team squad. Try and have an Ultimate Team, because that is the name of the game.

Finding and targeting weaknesses in your opponent is a really clever step towards your success on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. Look at their formations and players before you start a match with them. Researching your opponent can put you one step ahead of the game and it will truly pay off in the end.



How To Access Your FIFA 13 Online Pass

Many of our loyal readers have been asking us how access the FIFA 13 online pass. There have been countless faults over the past few months with messages saying that you are not permitted to register a online pass. So we are on hand to tell you exactly how to deal with this problem once and for all.

For the PS3 version of the game this is exactly what you will need to do in order to get full access. First you must exit game completely and then go to your PlayStation 3 store. Then you must click on the tab view downloads which can be accessed on your left hand side.

Next you must re download the online pass which can be found in your downloads area. This should sort out all issues that you may be occurring with the online pass. If the problems are persistent then you may have to do more and this is what you will have to do.

Make sure to completely delete the Game Utility Data that you have on your FIFA 13 game. To delete the corrupt files that are affecting your game you will need to do the following.

Simply press your PS button that is on your controller to then enter the PS3 Xross Media Bar. Then you select the appropriate game tab and the game data utility and then press not hold the X button.

Then you will have to delete all the corrupt game data from there and that is how you delete the game utility data. After you will need to restart the game again and try to get online access. You should then get a message saying that the code was unfortunately corrupt and that you need to re download another one.

Then you just have to re download another code and the game should be working just fine. This little trick has worked for PS3 users with no complaints so far and lets hope it stays that way.

To get access to your FIFA 13 online pass for Xbox Live you will need to follow these simple and quick steps. First you must visit the website and then sign in with your own unique gamertag and all the info that goes with it. Make sure that you have your password and correct email to hand before you sign in.

Visit your profile page which can be found by the gamertag which is right next to your own Avatar image at the top right of the page. Then finally you will need to redeem the code by clicking on it.

That is it for the Xbox and it is a lot easier than the PlayStation 3 that’s for sure. If you have any more persistent problems, then comment and we will get back to you to assist you with help.

FIFA 13 Online Pass

FIFA 13 Online Pass