How to Make Easy Money on Career Mode

We wanted to share with our readers, the best way to make easy money on the FIFA 13 career mode. This is not a cheat to gain unlimited money, but it might aswell be. After reading this article, you will have the exact funds to mount a challenge against any team in your division or country.

Upon trying out various methods and taking a closer look at the transfer window, we really got an eye opener when it comes to making a saving. We want to tell you about the free agents that are goldmines waiting to be offered a contract and then sold to third party clubs for millions.

At the start of a new season on your career mode, go onto the buy players tab and dive right into the transfer market. Go onto the status which is for loan, transfer listed, free agents ect. Click on free agents and a list of all the players that are available on a free transfer will pop up.

This is what we call the bargain area with some really young youth players with great potential lined up waiting for your signature. Choose to offer a contract to the 17, 18 or 19 year old players that have a decent overall. Some of the players value should be in the region of £1M and even up to £2M in most cases.

Give the player exactly what he demands which you will be able to see on the contract page above your own offer your about to submit to him. If he does not accept, then listen to what he wants and you will definitely get his signature in the next couple of days after you advance.

The beauty of this trick, is the fact that you will not be able to sell the player straight away as it will say that the player has only just joined the club. If you wait until the January transfer window however, you will be able to cash in on him then.

For just one single player you could be looking at pocketing well over £2M one time fee. If you actually play the player regularly and he gets form and he’s moral is happy, then that’s even better.

You will be looking to get more than what he is actually worth by keeping his moral and from up high. There’s no need to worry about offers from other clubs either, as the player is young and has potential so he will have more than his fair share of admirers.

This tip also works in the Npower League 1 and League 2 aswell! So even a small club can become a power house in half a season. You as the manager will get all the plaudits of course.

These young free agents that we are talking about will want around about 2K to 3K in wages. So make sure you have that spare by selling a few of your players or using the boards money that they give you at the start of the season.

This strategy is only supposed to be used as a long term investment for the second part of a season. Please note though, that you will only have to do this once to never having to play catch up again. Your resources that you will have afterwards will not be able to be matched easily.

You can even sign three or four free agents and end up getting 6 to £8M to spend in January. Using the money to even out your budget allocation with wages and the clubs transfer kitty. We hope these tips on making easy money in career mode have helped.

Keep checking back now and again for more tips on FIFA 13 and making the game easier for yourself.

Fifa 13 career mode tips

FIFA 13 career mode tips

FIFA 13 Career Mode Club Job Offers Info

In the last couple of days we have received numerous requests to put up some vital information on the career mode club job offers. There are a lot of players out there that think they’re doing something wrong because they haven’t had any successful job applications accepted.

We’re here to put this right and let you in on how to land you’re dream job on Fifa 13 manager/career mode. If you are one of those gamers that have come across a board that have told you that you were unsuccessful in becoming their new coach, we have the answers in full.

Basically the way to receive job offers whilst in career mode is by winning loads of football matches. Selling a player and making a considerable profit from the sale is another great way. Being nominated and actually winning the manager of the month award also plays a major part in getting offers too.

Usually the best method is to win as many games as you possibly can, but being triumphant and being crowned league champions is the shortcut to getting noticed. If you deliver cups and league championships, then you will in turn enhance you’re managers credentials and reputation significantly.

You are set targets by you’re clubs board of directors when you either first take control of the football club, or at the start of the season. By delivering results and meeting those targets, you will do yourself a big favour in regards to making a name for yourself.

You have to look at it as real life when it comes to receiving job offers from third party clubs. If you’re record does not stand out and speak volumes, then why should they hire you as their new coach? It is very realistic and people can’t really complain, because if you’re good enough, then you deserve the job.

We hope this info has helped you guys to understand and answered all the questions that you may have had on the career mode job offers. Stay with us and check back now and again to get more great tips on the game.

Fifa 13 career mode

Fifa 13 career mode job

How To Activate Financial Takeover In FIFA 13

We have been getting a huge load of queries relating on how to activate the financial takeover on FIFA 13. Most of the forums on the Internet somehow do not have the answer to this question. Also we have done a few experimental searches on YouTube and also found nothing.

It is quite shocking that we have all the answers you would ever need to your FIFA 13 problems. It even puzzles us sometimes with the sheer fact that EA are not even all that useful as they use to be. With no further delay, here is exactly how to sort out the financial takeover in career mode.

First of all your first action will be to purchase it from the EA Sports football club which no doubt most of you will have done already. Once you have bought it, you will have to have a little patience and wait for the nearest transfer window to open. The summer transfer window or the January one it really doesn’t make any difference what so ever.

You will then be able to acquire your money when the transfer window is officially open. You must note though, that you will only be entitled to that kitty for just one single season. Upon the end of the season nearing, you will then get your standard amount.

Some FIFA 13 Virtual pro Information

Many players have become confused this year with the virtual pro mode and so are here to answer any questions we have found around the Internet regarding this. Any more query’s that you need addressing you can post a comment to this article and we will get back to you with the answer.

First and foremost at the very start of your long season with your virtual pro, you will be sent out on loan to gain valuable first team experience. This is also to see if you can come back and break into the first team of your chosen club if you do well at your loaned team.

One of the questions that we are hearing consistently about the FIFA 13 virtual pro mode is people are asking does it exist. Well simply the answer to that is yes and all you have to do is buy the game and look at the main menu. A lot of FIFA fans are probably thinking why did these guys even answer that? Well you wouldn’t believe just how many people are actually asking that question and getting the wrong answers.

Another big question about the virtual pro mode was how comes i can’t chose my players team? You may see that the team is in fact greyed out a little and you are unable to click on it. EA had to prevent loads of hacking on this game so they had to be slightly cautious at times. We can all understand that because nobody wants to be hacked or have their account compromised.

You will have to create a totally new pro on the career mode in the career mode start up which is an option. You will only have access to play virtual pro on career mode in this latest installment. You can’t manage and do virtual pro at the exact same time anymore as you have to wait till your player hangs up he’s boots to take over as manager of the football club.

International Teams Preview for FIFA 13

This year is a very special year for the computer gamers that love football games and more especially FIFA. The career mode that has always been in the games have been the most enjoyable experience for any football video game junkie. It’s the most exciting aspect of the game that excites the gamers more than anything else.

So with years passing and proper hardcore FIFA fans asking for their country and all International teams to be included in career mode being ignored or postponed. Finally in the breathtaking conclusion of the series that is FIFA 13, everyone will finally get their wish come true.

Playing the season in career mode as a national team will be absolutely amazing and new to FIFA games. The likes of Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland, France, Brazil, Argentina and of course England. To be one of those country’s and play or manage them will be out of this world cool.

We are talking about the ultimate football experience with your favourite world class players who we all love to watch and play with in the palm of your hand. Who knows, perhaps you could even be the one to win a major competition for the England national team at long last.

The full competitions listed in the game to make it even more interesting are The World Cup, European Championships and basically the lot! The World Cup will be the one that everyone will surely be waiting to play when FIFA 13 is out.

The club team side of things is amazing and we are not saying different, but it will be a sigh of relief to hear that we can diverse play and use national teams in the new version. It brings something new and a breath of fresh air to the mix in a very good way.

Make sure that you do not miss out on the ultimate football game which is out at the end of this month.