Free Kick Tips & Tricks

FIFA 2013 is a football game that can be so fulfilling if the player has the skills to play both normal and special chances such as penalties and free kicks. Free kicks offer a great opportunity to score if they are performed in a professional manner.

In FIFA 2013, free kicks can be taken any time a player wishes. To be a good free kick taker, one must consider various issues. The most worthy of FIFA 13 free kick tips touch on the player chosen to kick, the foot preference type of free kick and the history of the player in free kicks.

Choosing a player

The best thing is to use the best free kickers that you have in order to make the work easier. By holding RT to access the free kick menu and see which player has the best skills or chances of scoring .

Having the menu select a player with a high free kick potential, say over 75 percent. Moreover a player with high stamina might place a high powered kick.

Type of Free Kick

Different players have different techniques or abilities to score a free kick. Consequently, there are many types of free kicks from which a FIFA 2013 player will encounter.

This means that it important to identify the player who excels in certain free kicks. There are set pieces where players stand very close to the ball, say 1 meter, where a player must be extra creative to surpass repel from opponents.

There are players who can shoot the ball straight to the keeper or at a small angle deviation. players who can swerve the ball can be effective in when the ball is required to take the uncommon course and pass the keeper.

Foot Preference

This is important in identifying which side of the ball the player is going to take. Left footers tend to curve the ball towards the right whereas the right footers will curve the ball towards the left. The preferences can be accessed from the free kicks menu, L for Left footers and R for right footers.

This option is used when the gamer knows the best side to score. It will confuse the keeper to use a left footer on the right hand side and also using a right footer to kick free kicks on the left hand side.

Taking the Kick

This involves how much power to use to kick the ball. To do this, line up the best shot you can have and press the power button, press and hold the left stick. Swing the camera to get the best angle to take the shot. The Procedure is quite simple, hold the left stick when taking the shot to keep the ball spinning.

In a nutshell, a FIFA 2013 player can improve the he’s set piece skills by practicing the game as much as possible. This will help in identifying the best players to take on free kicks. When playing the game, you can easily identify players with potential and worthy skills. The game developers have also listed some of the best free kickers in football world.

Fifa 13 Free Kicks

Fifa 13 Free Kicks

How To Dive In FIFA 13 Everytime

So before the game was even out there was an announcement that there would be no dive button implemented into the new game. However, we have found out how you can dive and receive a free kick every single time without fail. We are going to cover the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 buttons that you need to press in order for this cheat to work.

We want to first of all say that there are two ways that we have found to dive and one way where you can get a free kick more often than not. The first way to dive is to be near a goalkeeper and press R2 followed by Triangle for PS3. Wait until the goalkeeper is ready to claim for this to work. For Xbox 360 press LT and Y together at the same time.

The video below shows you exactly how to do this and at what moment to do it, but remember that this method only works near the opposing goalkeeper. The other way which is more suited to outfield players who don’t have possession of the ball is much more simpler and effective.

When chasing the ball, get as close to the player as possible and simply press every single button. Note: This cheat only works when your player that is chasing the ball has no stamina. By pressing all the button, your player will just fall to the ground and be awarded a free kick by the referee.

For people who are saying that this method doesn’t work in the comments box on here and the video on YouTube, it does work. We have personally tested both of these techniques and can tell you for a fact that it works. You must however use all the steps that we have given you and not break up the formula.

Doing so will result in you not successfully diving on FIFA 13 and you will think that it doesn’t work. If you follow the method step by step and practice loads, you will nail it in the end.

The way to get lots of free kicks for free is to flick the ball really quickly to one side as the player is near you and you will end up drawing him in for the foul. This is the most effective way by far to gain many free-kicks in FIFA 13 for fun.

Check out the video we found on YouTube by user “HighhCinema” who absolutely nails the dive to perfection. The people who comment saying this trick does not work are not doing it right. The users who say it does work have clearly followed the technique and practiced until they have nailed it.

The quality of the video is not that great at all we know, but the video was uploaded by a third party and they have all the rights to it. Well they do and of course EA Sports as well.

FIFA 13 Tips And Tricks

Sooner than you think we will have all the FIFA 13 tips and tricks that you want and need for your game. We want to give you the best football video game experience and if that means a little help, well what the heck.

Once the long awaited game is in your living room, bedroom or anywhere else you spend your time playing FIFA, we will be there to give you helpful tips along the way. From the best formations to select and that are the most effective, to the best young talent coming through the academy.

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Make sure that you give us a quick visit a couple of days or maybe even a day after the game is out. We will then have all the valuable information to help you in your own user experience on FIFA 13. Throughout the year we will be posting tips and tricks for the game so we will always have them for you to hand.