FIFA 13 Player Prospects

Getting the right player for your club can be a very hard task in the manager mode of FIFA 13. Should you save your money to buy a superstar or invest in quality players that can efficiently work with your team formation and strategy?

Getting superstars might be easy if you’re using popular and rich clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid (these teams have a surplus of quality players that fetch for a high price). However, if you’re managing a Danish Superliga team like AC Horsens, attracting a player of Messi’s caliber can be very difficult (and maybe impossible).

Don’t get me wrong, Denmark is a beautiful country (ranks #1 in income equality) and Danish SuperLiga is an exciting league to watch, but you just don’t see football stars play in that league. The best way to strengthen your club is through buying young and developing prospects. They may be weak at first, but wait till they reach their peak. Your team will be a 5-star club in no time.

Investing in football prospects can be compared to playing slots in a casino. You’ll never know if the player will be a bust or not. But taking risks is part of everyday life. Casino games like blackjack and roulette can be easy if you just have the right “system” to be beat it (sorry for the casino analogies, playing in can be very addicting).

Managing a football team is just like that. Running the perfect winning strategy to maximize your players’ talents is the key to acquiring silverware in football. Just look at Porto in 2004. Teamwork and perseverance beats talent every time.

To turn your team into a championship giving slot machine, here are some young potential football superstars that can help you in FIFA 13’s manager mode:

Christian Eriksen:

The 20-year old Danish playmaker starts with a high average rating (80). Being only 20 years old, Eriksen still has a 5 year growth before he reaches his peak (around 85). He is also fairly tall for a central midfielder which can help especially in set pieces.


Get this Brazilian striker while he is still young and cheap. Neymar can be quite hard to get early in manager mode because of his high-price. But trust me, this player will be a beast for your team and his value will triple once he reaches his prime. A good investment if you are using a mid-market team.


Another prospect from Brazil. Lucas is an attacking midfielder that can both score and set-up his teammates for the goal. He starts off with an 82 rating, 3 points behind fellow Brazilian Neymar.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain:

The 19-year old teenage winger from England is a good investment for upstart clubs. He is also fairly cheap in the beginning which is good if your team has a tight budget. Fast, quick and tall, Alex can be a good complimentary player for your starting centre forward.

FIFA 13 Specialities and Traits

FIFA 13 Specialities and Traits

An Insight into How to Gain FIFA 13 Specialities & Traits

Players desirous of scoring points in FIFA 13 are being given certain “traits” which are capable of showcasing their in-game abilities and other talents. Traits outlined for the FIFA 13 are special features and attributes which cannot be generalised or used on all the players.

They typically represent the characteristics which reflect the inherent personality and behavior of the players. An insight into their meaning and nature will certainly help you understand how to gain FIFA 13 specialties & traits.


It is important to note that both the defence as well as the attack work rate of a player cannot be set at a high level, though other combinations are possible. The player also needs Heading 75 and Finishing 85 to gain this specialty trait. As the Work Rates of both Engine and Poacher stand at odds with each other—these traits cannot be gained together. To be able to count towards Complete Forward, you need to have at least Clinical Finishing or Poacher.


The Sprint Speed and acceleration must add up to a figure of 180 to gain the trait of “Speedster”. This could either mean a 99/81 or 90/90 split. This Specialitie is fantastic for wingers to be able to run at defenders with their blistering pace.

Aerial threat

Players who want to know how to gain FIFA 13 specialties & traits for Aerial Threat, should measure at 6’2 and under. They should strive for Heading 90 and then get Strength to 85 or Jumping. The players who range between 6’3 and 6’4 should aim for Heading 90 while Heading 75 is for those boasting of a height of 6’5 and over.

The Ariel Threat addition will be so dominant in the air, that the player the represents this will most likely win the headers over anyone else on the pitch.


A player of Creation Centre with 5* Skill Moves or a real life one getting edited with the same will also need a Dribbling rate of 86. Editing the 1* and 4* star Skill Moves of a real life player or giving the traits to a Creation Centre player for the same skill requires Balance 75 and Dribbling 86.

A Dribbler will be able to take on defenders with complete confidence and ease to give your side the edge in attack.

New players in game can also gain this specialty through Balance 75 and Dribbling 86 , which gives them the Dribbler Specialty and 4* Skill Moves. The player who is created in-game can achieve a maximum of 4* Skill Moves by placing his Dribbling statistics at a high level. If he showcases further agility of up to 76 then he climbs higher to 5* Skill Moves.


To achieve the trait of a Playmaker, the player should have a position in least one of the listings of CM, CDM or CAM. However, it is not necessary for this position to be his primary one, to make him eligible to perform in his Payer Bio.

The player also needs to have Vision 86, Short Passing 86 and Long Pass 73. The Playmaker specialty is a critical one – and counts towards the Complete Midfielder.

The players that have this in their stats will set up all your goals and most probably be your top assist at the end of the season.


The Work Rates of the player for both Defence and attack must be set to “High” for gaining this trait. Though he needs Stamina 86, it is important to note that he cannot have both Engine and Poacher together-as they remain at odds with each other.

Having the Engine Specialitie will give the player an injection of stamina that can’t be matched on the field of play. He will run up and join attacks as well as getting back in your final third to help defend.

Distance shooter

The Long Shots and Shot Power must have a total of 174 for this trait. This demands either a 99/75 or an 87/87 split. A player who possesses this quality in their game will have a crack from long distance areas of the pitch. Also they will be more likely to score from the long shots as well.

Early Crosser

This trait simply requires a player to have Curve 80 and Crossing 86 within their stats. Having early crosser will allow players to whip in a cross that can catch the opposition defence off guard.

FK Specialist

A playing desirous of knowing how to gain FIFA 13 specialties & traits, should understand that the trait for FK Specialist needs Free Kicks 86, then get either Curve or Shot Power to 85 or Curve.

Being a free-kick specialist will enhance your chances of scoring from set-pieces that are positioned for a going for goal opportunity.


This trait requires Sliding Tackle 85 and Standing Tackle 86. To count towards Complete Defender, it is important to have tackling as one of the critical specialties.

As this is an important part of football, having a top class tackler will retain the ball for you and enhance your chances of having more possession in the game.


Along with being a critical specialty that counts for Complete Defender, the trait of Tactician also requires Reactions 80, Tactical Awareness 86 and Interceptions 86.

The tactician will be a leader on the pitch and will command his area when called upon.


Players can gain this specialty in two ways. They have to log either Reactions 80 along with Agility 86 or only Agility 90. The Acrobat will make some acrobatic clearances when in their own penalty area.


Players who are less than 181 lbs require Strength 90, while those weighing 183 lbs and over need to have Strength 86. Having defenders with this quality addition will mean that they are no nonsense type defenders. They will out muscle any opponent that dares to try and beat them in a battle of the upper body.

Clinical Finisher

This trait can be gained through having Long Shots 80 and Finishing stats at 86. These type of strikers will be predators and will finish off a simple one on one with absolute ease.

Complete Defender

To get the specialty of Complete Defender–along with the traits of Tactician and Tackling, the player should also have at least one of the following: Strength, Acrobat or Aerial Threat.

Complete Midfielder

A complete Midfielder require a minimum of three specialties namely -Playmaker and at least between Distance Shooter, Engine, Dribbler, FK Specialist, Tackling, Crosser and Clinical Finishing.

Complete Forward

The three specialties which are needed to complement a Complete Forward need to be between the important ones like Clinical Finishing and Poacher and the standard specialties which include Aerial Threat, Speedster, Dribbler and Strength.

The combination of one important and two standard specialties or two important and one stand specialty helps in gaining the trait of Complete Forward.

FIFA 13 Specialities and Traits

FIFA 13 Specialities and Traits

FIFA 13 Formation Tactics

We all use our very own formations that we love and most of us tend not to change them as a sense of tradition kicks in. The basic lineup that you with say for example, 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2 is all okay. However, there are a few options that you can tinker with to improve your overall game plan and we will tell you in this post.

If you go into the formations tab that is on the squad tab, you can edit various different tactics to enhance your chances of grabbing hold of the game with both hands. Customization to the way that you play is vital to gaining any silverware on FIFA 13.

Hover over the formations and the one that you want to select, then click on the edit formation button. You can chance the actual players positions, aswell as move a player further up to the pitch or further down to be more defensive.

Where you position your players is totally up to you and as you’re the manager, it’s your decision. The other option you can experiment with is the players work rate.

You can select to have players attacking work rate to high, medium, or on a low setting. The exact same applies with the defensive work rate of a player too.

This can be a really good idea for say your defensive midfielders if they have really high stamina. Then they will be able to go up top and join attacks and get back to defend when called upon.

Also, if a players attacking and defensive work rate is both high and the players stamina is above 86 and he’s a CAM, CDM or CM, then he will acquire the engine specialitie. This skill is a must have for a defensive midfielder and he’ll become an enforcer for your team.

We hope this quick post on the formations in FIFA 13 helped you, we know it’s not the best post we’ve ever done, but at least it’s something. We will have more tips and cheats for you in the next coming days ahead.

FIFA 13 Formations

FIFA 13 Formations


A Look At Fifa 13 Specialities And Traits

So we wanted to cover this week the ever growing questions asked about the specialities and traits in Fifa 13. People ask what players have them, and how do i acquire these traits? Well what we can tell you is traits can’t be gained at all and are there by default.

You will not be able to gain any and the players who play for the computer teams will not be able to either. They are assigned to a specific player and they stay there for life. With specialities though, these can actually be gained throughout a players playing career.

If you have some young players in you’re squad and they are well in form scoring goals and getting assists, then you are halfway there already. By consistently playing well with youth academy players, you will acquire Fifa 13 specialities over the course of a season.

When you receive specialities is typically about halfway through the season in January. This is not always the case but in most cases that is when you’re players with potential will gain these.

As we have said already, traits can’t be acquired by anyone, but signing players that have these traits will give you an upper hand in the matches. Here is the long list of traits that are available in the game.

Fifa 13 Player Traits

  1. GK Long Throw (Having this will increase you’re goalkeepers over arm throwing capability.)
  2. GK Flat Kick (If you’re goalkeeper has this trait, he’s kicking from a standing position will have more pace and better accuracy.)
  3. GK Up For Corners (When you may be in a losing position late in the game, the goalkeeper will join the attack from corner kicks.)
  4. Long Throw In (Allows the player with this ability to throw the ball a lot further than any other player from throw ins.)
  5. Driven Pass (You will be able to do more pacey and accurate long ball passes with this trait.)
  6. Second Wind (When there is 10 or so minutes left in the match, the players stamina will increase to give you the edge over you’re opponents late on.)
  7. Diving Header (If the player has this then he will produce diving headers a lot more than anyone else.)
  8. Acrobatic Clearance (Enables a player to do a David Luiz type of clearance when getting rid of the danger in defence.)
  9. Bicycle Kick (This trait is brilliant for performing over head kicks and bicycle kicks with a player.)
  10. Early Crosser (This trait is very effective because is allows for a unexpected early cross, as well as giving a little curl on the ball at the same time.)
  11. Fancy Flicks (With this ability, players can do back heels and little silky flicks a lot more with ease.)
  12. Finesse Shot (When shooting with the striker or midfielder, having this trait will enable a more accurate shot with the side of the players boot.)
  13. Fancy Passes (This trait is very rare and if the player that you have owns it, then he’s passing will be very diversified compared to others.)
  14. Outside Foot Shot (Great for when shooting as you can shoot by using the outside of you’re foot.)
  15. Skilled Dribbling (Having this trait will be an advantage when using the skill controls to take players on and will make it a lot easier.)
  16. Power Header (If you have a player that has this ability, then the headers that he performs will be thunderers and hit with venom.)
  17. Stutter Penalty (If a player has this then he may choose to do a feint and check the keeper before slotting home.)
  18. Giant Throw In (This monster throw in is deadly when launched into the oppositions final third.)
  19. Power Free Kick (This is a rare trait for a player to have and if he has it, then he will be able to drill home free kicks low and with amazing pace on the ball.)
  20. Swerve Pass (This trait is effective for not only through balls, but spreading play with passes around the pitch and it adds some swerve onto the ball.)

Well that is the full list of traits that are available on the game with the players that they are respectively assigned to. Remember, you cannot gain traits but you can sign the players that do have them already.

fifa 13 specialities

Fifa 13 Player Traits


FIFA 13 Career Mode Club Job Offers Info

In the last couple of days we have received numerous requests to put up some vital information on the career mode club job offers. There are a lot of players out there that think they’re doing something wrong because they haven’t had any successful job applications accepted.

We’re here to put this right and let you in on how to land you’re dream job on Fifa 13 manager/career mode. If you are one of those gamers that have come across a board that have told you that you were unsuccessful in becoming their new coach, we have the answers in full.

Basically the way to receive job offers whilst in career mode is by winning loads of football matches. Selling a player and making a considerable profit from the sale is another great way. Being nominated and actually winning the manager of the month award also plays a major part in getting offers too.

Usually the best method is to win as many games as you possibly can, but being triumphant and being crowned league champions is the shortcut to getting noticed. If you deliver cups and league championships, then you will in turn enhance you’re managers credentials and reputation significantly.

You are set targets by you’re clubs board of directors when you either first take control of the football club, or at the start of the season. By delivering results and meeting those targets, you will do yourself a big favour in regards to making a name for yourself.

You have to look at it as real life when it comes to receiving job offers from third party clubs. If you’re record does not stand out and speak volumes, then why should they hire you as their new coach? It is very realistic and people can’t really complain, because if you’re good enough, then you deserve the job.

We hope this info has helped you guys to understand and answered all the questions that you may have had on the career mode job offers. Stay with us and check back now and again to get more great tips on the game.

Fifa 13 career mode

Fifa 13 career mode job

Browse Our FIFA Website For Cheats

Over the last few months we have been supplying Fifa 13 cheats for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. We just wanted to create a post that will tell you a little bit more about our website and what we are all about. Reading this article will help you to understand a lot more.

So overall we have posted nearly a hundred articles since we created up the site way back in may last year. Inside these posts you will find valuable content that can help you improve you’re game on Fifa 13. Whether it’s the career mode, ultimate team or any of the brilliant game modes that the football game offers.

There is so much that you can find here on our official site that is not only informative, but will genuinely help you become a much better player in the long haul. Here is a list of the typical quality interesting things that you will find on our blog.

  • Cheat Codes
  • Walkthrough Guide
  • Ultimate Team Making coins Tricks
  • Best Players Potential
  • The Official Player Ratings
  • All The Latest News
  • Fifa 13 Virtual pro Info
  • Career Mode Cheats
  • Gameplay Tips
  • All Of The Above Includes PS3, Xbox 360 & PC

The above list does not even touch the sides in covering half of what you would find whilst searching and browsing our site. Navigation is pretty much in hand on here, however we can give you a few more helpful tips on alternative shortcuts to finding the specific content that you want.

If you look to the right on our homepage, you will see that there is a whole host of links that are named archives. This is the months in which we posted the articles and the exact day and time that they were published on our website.

Doing you’re search that way will be a fantastic way to find what you are looking for. One of the best ways is more targeted to you’re search, is to click on the articles tags. In doing this, you will have a whole page that will be dedicated to what the tags name is.

The tags can be located underneath every single blog post that we have ever done. They were assigned to help our readers and the end user to find the content that they specifically want. We hope that this has helped and we look forward to giving out more tips and cheats in the future too.

Fifa 13 Blog

Check out our blog posts


The Ultimate Team Common Player Mistakes

The Ultimate Team is all about knowledge and making the right decisions at the exact right times. You might be wondering why you are not having that much success with your team and want to know what you’re doing wrong. Well we want to share with you some interesting mistakes that you should not make ever.

When buying UT packs, you must continuously imagine as if you are playing the lottery. At the end of the day that’s all that it is, you may get a decent player once in a blue moon. The more likely possibility is that you get loads of rubbish players that weren’t worth the time you took to acquire all the coins to buy the terrible pack.

You must look at the chemistry as well, people tend not to acknowledge this as much as they should do. If you have a high chemistry then you have a massive chance of winning. Try to aim above 85 chemistry and you will see that success will come all that more often for you.

You should never at any moment in time, no matter how annoyed you are, leave a match you have started. The logic behind doing this does not add up and you will only harm yourself in quitting the match. If you have a fiery temper and cannot possibly continue, then let a friend take over.

If a friend is not there with you at the time then you should just put the controller to one side and make yourself a coffee to relax yourself. By quitting games, you will not receive any of the coins when the game ends. Also not to mention your DNF will have a dent in it which is not needed.

Picking the perfect formation for your exact style of play to suit you and your players is pivotal. You want to get maximum performance out of your players so experimenting with tactics is always a great idea. You never know, you might have your dream formation just around the corner.

The fact that there is fatigue, injuries to players and suspensions that are going to happen over time. You will need to have quality and strength in depth on your substitutes bench as well as your first team squad. Try and have an Ultimate Team, because that is the name of the game.

Finding and targeting weaknesses in your opponent is a really clever step towards your success on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. Look at their formations and players before you start a match with them. Researching your opponent can put you one step ahead of the game and it will truly pay off in the end.



How To Access Your FIFA 13 Online Pass

Many of our loyal readers have been asking us how access the FIFA 13 online pass. There have been countless faults over the past few months with messages saying that you are not permitted to register a online pass. So we are on hand to tell you exactly how to deal with this problem once and for all.

For the PS3 version of the game this is exactly what you will need to do in order to get full access. First you must exit game completely and then go to your PlayStation 3 store. Then you must click on the tab view downloads which can be accessed on your left hand side.

Next you must re download the online pass which can be found in your downloads area. This should sort out all issues that you may be occurring with the online pass. If the problems are persistent then you may have to do more and this is what you will have to do.

Make sure to completely delete the Game Utility Data that you have on your FIFA 13 game. To delete the corrupt files that are affecting your game you will need to do the following.

Simply press your PS button that is on your controller to then enter the PS3 Xross Media Bar. Then you select the appropriate game tab and the game data utility and then press not hold the X button.

Then you will have to delete all the corrupt game data from there and that is how you delete the game utility data. After you will need to restart the game again and try to get online access. You should then get a message saying that the code was unfortunately corrupt and that you need to re download another one.

Then you just have to re download another code and the game should be working just fine. This little trick has worked for PS3 users with no complaints so far and lets hope it stays that way.

To get access to your FIFA 13 online pass for Xbox Live you will need to follow these simple and quick steps. First you must visit the website and then sign in with your own unique gamertag and all the info that goes with it. Make sure that you have your password and correct email to hand before you sign in.

Visit your profile page which can be found by the gamertag which is right next to your own Avatar image at the top right of the page. Then finally you will need to redeem the code by clicking on it.

That is it for the Xbox and it is a lot easier than the PlayStation 3 that’s for sure. If you have any more persistent problems, then comment and we will get back to you to assist you with help.

FIFA 13 Online Pass

FIFA 13 Online Pass

The FUT Disabled Once Again

The FUT has been disabled yet again by EA which is the second time in a very short period of time. About 10 minutes ago directly from the official Twitter profile page of EA Sports, the announcement was made. They said that you will not be able to buy or sell players for a short while as they continue to solve problems.

This issue was supposed to be resolved by the FIFA 13 game developers EA about a week ago. The exact same problem occurred as players from around the world had to wait to play the game online using the ultimate team. We have seen countless users on Twitter, tweeting to EA saying that they have had enough and have had countless issues with the game.

Quite a fair number of people have said that they are going to boycott FIFA 14 when it is released late next year. We will keep you up to date on when the FUT is back up and running as soon as it happens.

The One and Only Career Mode Glitch Fix For Freezing

We have offered over the  course of three months or so, no end of support on how to tackle these really annoying glitches on FIFA 13. We solved first before anyone how to fix the missing invisible ball by changing the default ball to any other. Now we are hearing that the patches do not work for the freeze/crashes in the career mode.

Well once and for all we are going to tell you exactly how to never have a crashed game ever again. All that we ask is that you share this post on your social accounts to spread the word and finally put an end to all this silly game crashing and freezing. So then players can enjoy the FIFA 13 career mode at long last.

Guaranteed Career Mode Without Freeze

So here are a few simple things that you can do to ensure that you never have the annoying crashes on your game again. The first thing to try which is the worst of all our advice, is see if the patch updates by EA make a difference.

We highly recommend that you don’t just put all your eggs in one basket and hope that EA fix these problems for you. They have been very inconsistent to answer customers feedback and questions on why the patches don’t work which is very unprofessional.

So with that the worst tip aside, the first real thing you could try is deleting all of your FIFA 12 data that you implemented into the new game. This for the majority of people has worked miracles and we have heard that there have been no more freezing problems from a high majority of people.

Most of these tips are going to be the ultimatum of deleting your saved games and starting all over again. Yes, this is not very convenient to say the least, but it’s something that has to be done. You won’t be able to carry on with your career mode anyway if it just keeps on freezing at the same date all the time so you might as well.

Another great tip is to not make more than 5 transfers in a single transfer window at any one time. You may think this is stupid, but believe us when we say that this is one major cause of the glitches that you are sustaining. By being reasonably quiet in the transfer windows, you will knock the chances of the game freezing by half instantly.

This is a fantastic tip for people to take with them on not only this game, but every FIFA game hereafter. Make sure that you keep a second saved game of a duplicate to the one you already have. Then with this backup, you can maybe try and resurrect your saved career mode that you lost.

A cause to the crashing which you may not know about is pressing the buttons on the menus far to quickly and fast. FIFA 13 has an engine in our opinion that cannot handle it plain and simple! The FIFA games really need to go onto a PlayStation 4 or new Xbox 360 fast.

By pressing or clicking the buttons at a reasonable rate, the game has a chance to think and load at it’s own usual pace. We also suggest that you do not have too many saved games other than your career mode if that’s what you enjoy the game for.

Make sure that you don’t have a virtual pro and all the other saved game modes on there as this can be a root cause to the freeze glitch as well. For the best results though, we suggest that you combine all of these tips into one to make sure without a doubt that you never have a glitch or game crash again.

Doing so will result in your career mode never freezing on you at a certain date ever. We ask again that you share this post to let all know about how to tackle these career mode glitches.

FIFA 13 Freeze

FIFA 13 Glitch Fix