FIFA 13 Loan Market Tips

We have come across some very useful tips that players may not have taken much notice of on FIFA 13. Today we are going to look at the loan market and all the signings you need to do in order to budget your transfer kitty.

To dive into the loan system is a very good idea, and the tips we are about to share with you, you may not have come across yet. These hints we will share with you can be used in any transfer market at any time. So they will hep you with any team you take charge of, and in all the transfer windows.

So basically, loaning players out will give you more wage budget back than what the specific player in question is currently on at your football club. So say a player in League 2 is on the average wage of £750 per week, you will receive about £1200 back from your board of directors.

The funds that you receive back are in the wage category and you can go to budget allocation and turn that into cash if you really need to. The money that your club gives back to you is wages being covered and you will receive a inbox from your board telling you exactly that.

This opportunity is super fantastic if you loan out youth players with tremendous potential. Not only will you get a significant amount of the players wages back, but also your youth academy product will develop as a better footballer.

In your young players loan spell, he will go up in rating and therefore he’s price tag will increase and go up on the rise too. So using this legitimate method is a win-win scenario for you as the manager.

We hope these loan market tips have helped you in the career mode and check back with us for more great tips on FIFA 13.

fifa 13 loan tips

fifa 13 loan tips

Tips For Use On FIFA 13 For Players

Over the past few months here on FIFA 13 cheats, we have given out tips and tricks to the game on all consoles. Some of the best tips you can look to get are right here on our blog. Now though, we are giving out hints that we have never shared with our readers before to help you out a little more.

One of the aspects of the game that not a lot of people tend to take into account is the match day feature setting. So if the players that are in your team are performing well in real life, then this will show in the actual FIFA 13 game. Capitalize on this by signing potential transfer targets that are putting in good performances for their respective clubs and countries in real life.

Make sure that you notice the differences from the last game to this new version of FIFA. In this game the opposing team can tackle you easier than ever before when they are close to you. You are going to need to learn how to shield the ball from your opponents when in possession of it.

Just keep passing the ball around the pitch with fast and effective ball movement which will keep the other team chasing the game. You don’t have to go for the killer pass all the time as passing it simple is as effective as well. Possession is nine tenths of the law in FIFA 13 and you can use this to your advantage.

If your opposing team is not anywhere near you, then they can’t possibly retrieve the ball from you. When you take shots at goal, make sure that you are completely certain that a goal is going to come from the attack. Making the goalkeeper come out and commit to the challenge can pay dividends. Squaring the ball to a unmarked teammate for a open goal will guarantee you to score.

Why not check out the skill games when you have the chance to once in a while.  These can be very educational platforms for you to improve your all round game. You can acquire great skills to use in matches from this feature and use it to your advantage.

That’s it for the round up of tips that we are sharing with you for today, but check back now and again to get some more hints on FIFA 13 and it’s features.

Some FIFA 13 Tips on Transfers

Best Players To Sign in League 1

We haven’t as of yet done any articles on some of the best players to sign on the game. So now we are going to turn the spotlight on the best players to bring in on loan and permanently sign in the Npower League 1. The average promotion chasing team will have players with stats in their mid sixties.

These are one of many FIFA 13 tips and hints that we will be sharing with our readers over the coming months. So here is the shortlist of players that you need to get the checkbook out for and pay wages to.

  • Raheem Sterling – Liverpool (overall 69) Season long loan for £4000 in total wages to be paid to the player each week for a year.
  • Tom Carrol – Tottenham Hotspurs (overall 65) Season long loan for £3000 in total wages to be paid to the player each week for a year.
  • Craig Eastmond – Arsenal (overall 63) Season long loan for £3000 in clubs wages to be paid to the player for a years spell.
  • Angelo Balanta – QPR (overall 64) You can get Angelo for a season long loan and pay he’s wages of £3000 each week for a year.

The two permanent signings that you can get but only in the January transfer window are Jimmy Bullard and Alan Smith. Both of whom play there football at MK Dons. They are of Championship quality but with Premier League experience. The other big player to sign in the Npower League 1 is Alan Judge from Notts County.

There are so many players that can be a transfer target at this level but these players are on the shortlist because they actually do it in the game and play really good at all times. If you sell some of your poorer players to get some of these transfers in, then you will have a quality team assembled for a big promotion push.