FIFA 13 Formation Tactics

We all use our very own formations that we love and most of us tend not to change them as a sense of tradition kicks in. The basic lineup that you with say for example, 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2 is all okay. However, there are a few options that you can tinker with to improve your overall game plan and we will tell you in this post.

If you go into the formations tab that is on the squad tab, you can edit various different tactics to enhance your chances of grabbing hold of the game with both hands. Customization to the way that you play is vital to gaining any silverware on FIFA 13.

Hover over the formations and the one that you want to select, then click on the edit formation button. You can chance the actual players positions, aswell as move a player further up to the pitch or further down to be more defensive.

Where you position your players is totally up to you and as you’re the manager, it’s your decision. The other option you can experiment with is the players work rate.

You can select to have players attacking work rate to high, medium, or on a low setting. The exact same applies with the defensive work rate of a player too.

This can be a really good idea for say your defensive midfielders if they have really high stamina. Then they will be able to go up top and join attacks and get back to defend when called upon.

Also, if a players attacking and defensive work rate is both high and the players stamina is above 86 and he’s a CAM, CDM or CM, then he will acquire the engine specialitie. This skill is a must have for a defensive midfielder and he’ll become an enforcer for your team.

We hope this quick post on the formations in FIFA 13 helped you, we know it’s not the best post we’ve ever done, but at least it’s something. We will have more tips and cheats for you in the next coming days ahead.

FIFA 13 Formations

FIFA 13 Formations


How to Make Easy Money on Career Mode

We wanted to share with our readers, the best way to make easy money on the FIFA 13 career mode. This is not a cheat to gain unlimited money, but it might aswell be. After reading this article, you will have the exact funds to mount a challenge against any team in your division or country.

Upon trying out various methods and taking a closer look at the transfer window, we really got an eye opener when it comes to making a saving. We want to tell you about the free agents that are goldmines waiting to be offered a contract and then sold to third party clubs for millions.

At the start of a new season on your career mode, go onto the buy players tab and dive right into the transfer market. Go onto the status which is for loan, transfer listed, free agents ect. Click on free agents and a list of all the players that are available on a free transfer will pop up.

This is what we call the bargain area with some really young youth players with great potential lined up waiting for your signature. Choose to offer a contract to the 17, 18 or 19 year old players that have a decent overall. Some of the players value should be in the region of £1M and even up to £2M in most cases.

Give the player exactly what he demands which you will be able to see on the contract page above your own offer your about to submit to him. If he does not accept, then listen to what he wants and you will definitely get his signature in the next couple of days after you advance.

The beauty of this trick, is the fact that you will not be able to sell the player straight away as it will say that the player has only just joined the club. If you wait until the January transfer window however, you will be able to cash in on him then.

For just one single player you could be looking at pocketing well over £2M one time fee. If you actually play the player regularly and he gets form and he’s moral is happy, then that’s even better.

You will be looking to get more than what he is actually worth by keeping his moral and from up high. There’s no need to worry about offers from other clubs either, as the player is young and has potential so he will have more than his fair share of admirers.

This tip also works in the Npower League 1 and League 2 aswell! So even a small club can become a power house in half a season. You as the manager will get all the plaudits of course.

These young free agents that we are talking about will want around about 2K to 3K in wages. So make sure you have that spare by selling a few of your players or using the boards money that they give you at the start of the season.

This strategy is only supposed to be used as a long term investment for the second part of a season. Please note though, that you will only have to do this once to never having to play catch up again. Your resources that you will have afterwards will not be able to be matched easily.

You can even sign three or four free agents and end up getting 6 to £8M to spend in January. Using the money to even out your budget allocation with wages and the clubs transfer kitty. We hope these tips on making easy money in career mode have helped.

Keep checking back now and again for more tips on FIFA 13 and making the game easier for yourself.

Fifa 13 career mode tips

FIFA 13 career mode tips

How To Score More Goals In Career Mode

On the FIFA 13 career mode, gamers want to know what methods to use in order to score more goals in a match. We don hear our readers on here and on our Twitter account asking this question quite frequently, so we though we’d write a post about it on our official site.

The Ultimate Scoring Tips On FIFA 13

One tip that we can give out is to make sure that you only pass the ball to a player that is even unmarked or has 3 yards on the defender or midfielder marking him. The reason we say this is, the first rule of football is if you don’t have the ball, you’re never going to score.

Basically in a nutshell we are saying that possession is nine tenths of the law and you must retain it for large spells of the game in order to stand a chance in the match. Even if you are passing it simple, at least you still have the ball and you can wait for that all important opening.

We suggest you practice on your passing more than anything because it’s the first important component you need in order to score more goals regularly.

Right, now you have mastered keeping possession for large parts of the game, it’s now the next step in our formula. Using the all important first touch feature which was first introduced to the FIFA series back in 2003, you can do wonders.

If your striker has 3 or 4 yards on the defender, you can move the right analog stick in the right direction where you can create the space. We know an awful lot of FIFA gamers that don’t use this advantage that is given to them on a plate and for the life of us, we do not know why.

Signing strikers in the transfer window that have the trait of finesse shot is a must! These strikers will more often than not hit the target every single time they have a shot on goal. They are also not that bad at long shots if their long shots and shot power is reasonable in their stats.

Also, signing players that have long shot taker is not a bad move either, as they can chip in with a few goals every few games if you buy midfielders that have this trait.

There are some very good strikers out there who have the Arial threat specialitie. This one is a goldmine as there are not very many players on the game that will have this specialitie. This striker will be a good old fashioned centre forward who wins everything in the air.

They will be a power house up front and when you deliver crosses into the box, they will make sure that they get on the end of it. From corners and set pieces they can be really helpful and effective too.

By pressing the cross button approximately three times on your controller, your winger will deliver a low cross into the box that may catch the opposition defenders of guard. This trick is amazingly productive and can pull of brilliant results if the timing is spot on.

We have more tips to scoring loads of goals on FIFA 13 but we don’t want this article to be too long so readers go away and avoid reading it. We will post up a part 2 version of this article in the next few days so don’t miss it.

fifa 13 scoring goals

The Ultimate FIFA 13 scoring goals Tips

FIFA 13 Loan Market Tips

We have come across some very useful tips that players may not have taken much notice of on FIFA 13. Today we are going to look at the loan market and all the signings you need to do in order to budget your transfer kitty.

To dive into the loan system is a very good idea, and the tips we are about to share with you, you may not have come across yet. These hints we will share with you can be used in any transfer market at any time. So they will hep you with any team you take charge of, and in all the transfer windows.

So basically, loaning players out will give you more wage budget back than what the specific player in question is currently on at your football club. So say a player in League 2 is on the average wage of £750 per week, you will receive about £1200 back from your board of directors.

The funds that you receive back are in the wage category and you can go to budget allocation and turn that into cash if you really need to. The money that your club gives back to you is wages being covered and you will receive a inbox from your board telling you exactly that.

This opportunity is super fantastic if you loan out youth players with tremendous potential. Not only will you get a significant amount of the players wages back, but also your youth academy product will develop as a better footballer.

In your young players loan spell, he will go up in rating and therefore he’s price tag will increase and go up on the rise too. So using this legitimate method is a win-win scenario for you as the manager.

We hope these loan market tips have helped you in the career mode and check back with us for more great tips on FIFA 13.

fifa 13 loan tips

fifa 13 loan tips

Free Kick Tips & Tricks

FIFA 2013 is a football game that can be so fulfilling if the player has the skills to play both normal and special chances such as penalties and free kicks. Free kicks offer a great opportunity to score if they are performed in a professional manner.

In FIFA 2013, free kicks can be taken any time a player wishes. To be a good free kick taker, one must consider various issues. The most worthy of FIFA 13 free kick tips touch on the player chosen to kick, the foot preference type of free kick and the history of the player in free kicks.

Choosing a player

The best thing is to use the best free kickers that you have in order to make the work easier. By holding RT to access the free kick menu and see which player has the best skills or chances of scoring .

Having the menu select a player with a high free kick potential, say over 75 percent. Moreover a player with high stamina might place a high powered kick.

Type of Free Kick

Different players have different techniques or abilities to score a free kick. Consequently, there are many types of free kicks from which a FIFA 2013 player will encounter.

This means that it important to identify the player who excels in certain free kicks. There are set pieces where players stand very close to the ball, say 1 meter, where a player must be extra creative to surpass repel from opponents.

There are players who can shoot the ball straight to the keeper or at a small angle deviation. players who can swerve the ball can be effective in when the ball is required to take the uncommon course and pass the keeper.

Foot Preference

This is important in identifying which side of the ball the player is going to take. Left footers tend to curve the ball towards the right whereas the right footers will curve the ball towards the left. The preferences can be accessed from the free kicks menu, L for Left footers and R for right footers.

This option is used when the gamer knows the best side to score. It will confuse the keeper to use a left footer on the right hand side and also using a right footer to kick free kicks on the left hand side.

Taking the Kick

This involves how much power to use to kick the ball. To do this, line up the best shot you can have and press the power button, press and hold the left stick. Swing the camera to get the best angle to take the shot. The Procedure is quite simple, hold the left stick when taking the shot to keep the ball spinning.

In a nutshell, a FIFA 2013 player can improve the he’s set piece skills by practicing the game as much as possible. This will help in identifying the best players to take on free kicks. When playing the game, you can easily identify players with potential and worthy skills. The game developers have also listed some of the best free kickers in football world.

Fifa 13 Free Kicks

Fifa 13 Free Kicks

Fifa 13 Gameplay Tips

EA Sports Fifa has truly been a legacy. Since the year of its inception, the franchise has continued to charm the fans year after year. The latest iteration to the series is no different. Fifa 13 has already amassed huge interest among the fans and critics alike.

Not everyone is a Fifa Champion from birth and that is exactly the reason we decided to come up with this blog post to deliver some amazing Fifa 13 tips. You must read on.

Play like a chameleon

You got it right. Never be the same player twice. Keep looking for goal scoring opportunities. Don’t just rely on a single method to score goals.

The entire field is yours and make sure, you have at least 5 or 6 different ways of making that ball reach the goal post. It makes you less predictable and keeps your opponents guessing. Surely, that sounds great.

Use the Speedsters

So if you have a team that has a superstar like Ronaldo or Messi, use their speed skills to outfox the defenders. When these players are running, it is a surety that there is no one who can catch them. Mark these words, no one. And then you have only the keeper to beat!

Crossing Tips

Crossing, generally, is something that is not always accurate. But with some teams, the defense isn’t the forte and an airborne football at any angle is a dangerous proposition. A perfect early cross in such cases will mean no clean-sheet for the opposition’s goalkeeper.

Use The Keeper

Being one on one with the attacker is probably the worst feeling ever if you are the keeper. But if you use the keeper cleverly you can always save that one goal.

If your keeper is left without his defenders and the opposition attacker is charging towards the goal, you can bring your keeper rushing forward and then releasing him. This will put the attacker into thinking mode and make him try and do something different. Most often than not, this will save a goal.

Contain second man pressure

The dedicated key for applying pressure is of huge help. You can either apply pressure with a single player or with a team mate.

This will surround the attacker with your players and releasing the button at the right time will result in a tackle being made. Just remember, this might result in your formation being disrupted and your defense will be left open.

One Two Passing

One two passing with odd dribbling can help you create easy spaces in the field. This does two things. It keeps your play moving forward. And it keeps the opponents gasping for the ball to reach to them. The more you keep the possession, the more chances you give yourself to score a goal.

Use through passes & lobbed through passes

This is one technique you can use to bypass the defenders. If you see one of your attackers speeding down the wings, you can through a lob pass to him and he can take the ball forward then. If the attacker is a speedster, this makes for a very rapid attack on to the goal.

So there you have it: Fifa 13 tips to get you going. Do try them and tell us if they worked for you.

fifa 13 gameplay tips

fifa 13 gameplay tips

A Collection Of Ultimate Team Tips

We have decided to give a few Fifa 13 ultimate team tips for players to use in the game. The methods are all explained and our easy to follow guide will help you make more coins more often. Simply follow the guidelines and you will be making coins for fun.

Ultimate Team Tip 1

This method is one of the easiest to nail and can be done whether you have 50 coins or 5000 coins,  it simply doesn’t matter. First off you will need to go to the search page and put your max buy now price setting to exactly the total that you have at that moment.

Then you will have to select the gold players only! This is vital that you choose this and you must not change any techniques that we tell you in this article. Otherwise you can expect this method to not work and that will only put your mood down.

Next scroll up the page list until you see that all of the cards are in the region of 59 minutes and 30 odd seconds. Don’t look for any other type of timing as this is the time that you need to concentrate on.

You will need to keep refreshing from time to time and looking out for a gold mine.let us tell you, there will be a real bargain of a player in there somewhere but you will just have to find him yourself.

You’ll need to purchase some players with your coins and test the market out a bit, just to get the hang of it before you go all guns blazing. By getting a little experience, you will gain knowledge about the market and become a FUT king.

There will be loads of Ultimate Team players that do not know the market and will be selling their little gems at knockdown prices. The default setting of one hour will be used by the amateurs and imagine if that player was rare or a goldmine.

These exact mistakes by the sellers are the ones that you’re going to capitalise on. You can even stay in the auctions all day and just make loads of profit on autopilot if you want. The winnings from this formula are absolutely staggering and this is our top tip for the FUT.

Ultimate Team Tip 2

The most common tip that we are going to give out is daily trading as we like to call it. All you have to do is purchase a player and then go on to sell them for a nice tidy profit. Just keep re using this technique over and over again through the day to make loads of money.

All of the top players tend to go by this simple method and they do it all day everyday. The prices of players tends to change regularly throughout the entire day. So just keep watch on the market and get to know it quick time to be in the running.

Fifa 13 Ultimate Team Tips

Fifa 13 Ultimate Team Tips

Helpful Tips For FIFA 13 Pro Clubs

FIFA 13 Pro Club Tips

We have received loads of requests to have some tips up on our website for FIFA 13 pro clubs. This game mode is up there with the ultimate team and career mode in being one of the most played features of the new game. With that in mind, we thought we’d give you some helpful insight on how to do well.

If you know how to play with the pro clubs modes, then you will gain the rewards by unlocking trophies and hidden stadiums to test out. The fact that you can use you’re virtual pro in this game mode is an added bonus as well. It is a great feature to use and play with your friends to enjoy unlocking accomplishments along the way.

The Best Formations To Use

Deciding on which is the best possible formation to use for this game mode is a hard one to call. It really does depend on which one suits you’re specific type of football and players. We will however give you some insight into which ones will give you the best benefits.

4-5-1 Formation

If you decide to choose this as you’re very own formation then you will certainly need to be defensive minded. Having some real top quality defenders in you’re team will enable you to keep clean sheets on a regular basis. You will need to have a target man up front to lead you’re line and he needs to be strong.

If you have a striker that has amazing strength and ability to hold the ball up for others to come into play, then this is how you would use this formation to you’re advantage. You need to have a midfield that consists of good players that are comfortable in possession of the ball at all times.

Start you’re team at the back and work you’re way forward and it goes without saying that you should have a decent goalkeeper in goal. You should only choose this specific formation if you like playing you’re football down the middle of the park

Just avoid using this formation if you prefer to have all of the play down the wings and are more of a winger and out wide kind of team. This setup is perfect for teams who like possession play and tiring the opposition out.

4-3-1-2 Formation

Well this is the other recommended setup that we suggest you use for the pro clubs. It is really effective for having enough bodies at the back defending, whilst bringing a good number of players into a new attack. Counter attacks will be you’re friends with this formation, so try and capitalise on them at every opportunity.

General Pro Club Tips To Use

The first tip we should tell you about is looking at the opponents formation and what their game plan is. If you judge correctly, you can use the above formations that we have told you about to outwit you’re opponents. Also if you are good at what you do and you are a master passer that doesn’t give the ball away, you can find the loophole.

Say for example that the other team that you are up against is using a passing and packed midfield formation. You should then stick with the same setup and just basically outplay you’re opponent.

Another great helpful tip is to spot the players that are being manually controlled by other human gamers. These will easily be able to be noticed by something obvious like their football boots being very colourful. Gloves are also a sure sign that they are human as the player would have been edited to suit.

If you target these types of players with marking them tightly, then they will have absolutely no effect in the game what so ever. This will in turn give you a numerical advantage into grabbing all three points.

In regards to you’re own team, try to use the best player in you’re team at all times during the match. In doing so you will pick up way more points and win 50% more of you’re matches. The highest rated player in the team has more chance of making something happen than anyone else.

This is a tip that we say to use in all of the game modes but the pro clubs is definitely no exception. Try to keep possession of the ball for as long as possible to make the other team’s energy fall dramatically. If the opposition’s legs are going, then they will lose pace and ultimately make mistakes which is you’re advantage.

We are going to do these tips in two steps so that you can take these first ones on board and test them out. We’ll be putting up more in the next week or so, so make sure to check back for them and good luck.


The Ultimate Team Common Player Mistakes

The Ultimate Team is all about knowledge and making the right decisions at the exact right times. You might be wondering why you are not having that much success with your team and want to know what you’re doing wrong. Well we want to share with you some interesting mistakes that you should not make ever.

When buying UT packs, you must continuously imagine as if you are playing the lottery. At the end of the day that’s all that it is, you may get a decent player once in a blue moon. The more likely possibility is that you get loads of rubbish players that weren’t worth the time you took to acquire all the coins to buy the terrible pack.

You must look at the chemistry as well, people tend not to acknowledge this as much as they should do. If you have a high chemistry then you have a massive chance of winning. Try to aim above 85 chemistry and you will see that success will come all that more often for you.

You should never at any moment in time, no matter how annoyed you are, leave a match you have started. The logic behind doing this does not add up and you will only harm yourself in quitting the match. If you have a fiery temper and cannot possibly continue, then let a friend take over.

If a friend is not there with you at the time then you should just put the controller to one side and make yourself a coffee to relax yourself. By quitting games, you will not receive any of the coins when the game ends. Also not to mention your DNF will have a dent in it which is not needed.

Picking the perfect formation for your exact style of play to suit you and your players is pivotal. You want to get maximum performance out of your players so experimenting with tactics is always a great idea. You never know, you might have your dream formation just around the corner.

The fact that there is fatigue, injuries to players and suspensions that are going to happen over time. You will need to have quality and strength in depth on your substitutes bench as well as your first team squad. Try and have an Ultimate Team, because that is the name of the game.

Finding and targeting weaknesses in your opponent is a really clever step towards your success on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. Look at their formations and players before you start a match with them. Researching your opponent can put you one step ahead of the game and it will truly pay off in the end.



Tips For Use On FIFA 13 For Players

Over the past few months here on FIFA 13 cheats, we have given out tips and tricks to the game on all consoles. Some of the best tips you can look to get are right here on our blog. Now though, we are giving out hints that we have never shared with our readers before to help you out a little more.

One of the aspects of the game that not a lot of people tend to take into account is the match day feature setting. So if the players that are in your team are performing well in real life, then this will show in the actual FIFA 13 game. Capitalize on this by signing potential transfer targets that are putting in good performances for their respective clubs and countries in real life.

Make sure that you notice the differences from the last game to this new version of FIFA. In this game the opposing team can tackle you easier than ever before when they are close to you. You are going to need to learn how to shield the ball from your opponents when in possession of it.

Just keep passing the ball around the pitch with fast and effective ball movement which will keep the other team chasing the game. You don’t have to go for the killer pass all the time as passing it simple is as effective as well. Possession is nine tenths of the law in FIFA 13 and you can use this to your advantage.

If your opposing team is not anywhere near you, then they can’t possibly retrieve the ball from you. When you take shots at goal, make sure that you are completely certain that a goal is going to come from the attack. Making the goalkeeper come out and commit to the challenge can pay dividends. Squaring the ball to a unmarked teammate for a open goal will guarantee you to score.

Why not check out the skill games when you have the chance to once in a while.  These can be very educational platforms for you to improve your all round game. You can acquire great skills to use in matches from this feature and use it to your advantage.

That’s it for the round up of tips that we are sharing with you for today, but check back now and again to get some more hints on FIFA 13 and it’s features.