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We’ve noticed that the autobuy software has not really been going down too well, so we’ve decided to stop selling it. The FIFA 14 guide however, still sells strongly and is by far the best way to make thousands of coins easily and effectively.

Introducing the next generation of Ultimate Team cheats that is Millionaire Autobuyer Version 2.0. Easily make millions of FUT coins every single week with this revolutionary software that’s blowing all the competition away with it’s easy to use interface.

Now you can build the perfect dream-team to make you the envy of all the online players. Using the Internal Player Database system, players will now be able to find and add the best players in the world with ease.

No more massive coin losses as they’ll now be a thing of the past and you can look forward to making money on a daily basis. Learn the worst trading mistakes and exactly how to avoid them in future. Simply search for a player, add them to your Trading Inventory and your done.

Using the Price Sync Center, you’ll now see the prices of all the players updated automatically. The software analyzes all the live marketplaces so you don’t have to lift a finger. You couldn’t get these kind of coin making cheats anywhere else.

Now you can calculates the trading ranges to save yourself a huge amount of time, and sit back whilst you earn coins on autopilot. This software is the top FIFA 13 gold making kit available anywhere on the Internet. You’ll become part of the millionaire club within a week with this state of the art system at your fingertips.

FUT Autobuyer

FUT Autobuyer

The FUT 13 hack is a lucrative Autobuying and Autoselling Application that can’t be beaten. Did you ever ask yourself why a player you put up for sale sold in literally seconds? This was likely a user of the FUT 13 autobuyer software that snapped him up using this great device.

Messi FUT 13

Messi FUT 13

If you’ve ever wanted to get a dream-team that is a force to be reckoned with, then this piece of kit is the one for you. Download the FUT hack now, by clicking here and start making ultimate team coins on autopilot.

A Collection Of Ultimate Team Tips

We have decided to give a few Fifa 13 ultimate team tips for players to use in the game. The methods are all explained and our easy to follow guide will help you make more coins more often. Simply follow the guidelines and you will be making coins for fun.

Ultimate Team Tip 1

This method is one of the easiest to nail and can be done whether you have 50 coins or 5000 coins,  it simply doesn’t matter. First off you will need to go to the search page and put your max buy now price setting to exactly the total that you have at that moment.

Then you will have to select the gold players only! This is vital that you choose this and you must not change any techniques that we tell you in this article. Otherwise you can expect this method to not work and that will only put your mood down.

Next scroll up the page list until you see that all of the cards are in the region of 59 minutes and 30 odd seconds. Don’t look for any other type of timing as this is the time that you need to concentrate on.

You will need to keep refreshing from time to time and looking out for a gold mine.let us tell you, there will be a real bargain of a player in there somewhere but you will just have to find him yourself.

You’ll need to purchase some players with your coins and test the market out a bit, just to get the hang of it before you go all guns blazing. By getting a little experience, you will gain knowledge about the market and become a FUT king.

There will be loads of Ultimate Team players that do not know the market and will be selling their little gems at knockdown prices. The default setting of one hour will be used by the amateurs and imagine if that player was rare or a goldmine.

These exact mistakes by the sellers are the ones that you’re going to capitalise on. You can even stay in the auctions all day and just make loads of profit on autopilot if you want. The winnings from this formula are absolutely staggering and this is our top tip for the FUT.

Ultimate Team Tip 2

The most common tip that we are going to give out is daily trading as we like to call it. All you have to do is purchase a player and then go on to sell them for a nice tidy profit. Just keep re using this technique over and over again through the day to make loads of money.

All of the top players tend to go by this simple method and they do it all day everyday. The prices of players tends to change regularly throughout the entire day. So just keep watch on the market and get to know it quick time to be in the running.

Fifa 13 Ultimate Team Tips

Fifa 13 Ultimate Team Tips

The Ultimate Team Common Player Mistakes

The Ultimate Team is all about knowledge and making the right decisions at the exact right times. You might be wondering why you are not having that much success with your team and want to know what you’re doing wrong. Well we want to share with you some interesting mistakes that you should not make ever.

When buying UT packs, you must continuously imagine as if you are playing the lottery. At the end of the day that’s all that it is, you may get a decent player once in a blue moon. The more likely possibility is that you get loads of rubbish players that weren’t worth the time you took to acquire all the coins to buy the terrible pack.

You must look at the chemistry as well, people tend not to acknowledge this as much as they should do. If you have a high chemistry then you have a massive chance of winning. Try to aim above 85 chemistry and you will see that success will come all that more often for you.

You should never at any moment in time, no matter how annoyed you are, leave a match you have started. The logic behind doing this does not add up and you will only harm yourself in quitting the match. If you have a fiery temper and cannot possibly continue, then let a friend take over.

If a friend is not there with you at the time then you should just put the controller to one side and make yourself a coffee to relax yourself. By quitting games, you will not receive any of the coins when the game ends. Also not to mention your DNF will have a dent in it which is not needed.

Picking the perfect formation for your exact style of play to suit you and your players is pivotal. You want to get maximum performance out of your players so experimenting with tactics is always a great idea. You never know, you might have your dream formation just around the corner.

The fact that there is fatigue, injuries to players and suspensions that are going to happen over time. You will need to have quality and strength in depth on your substitutes bench as well as your first team squad. Try and have an Ultimate Team, because that is the name of the game.

Finding and targeting weaknesses in your opponent is a really clever step towards your success on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. Look at their formations and players before you start a match with them. Researching your opponent can put you one step ahead of the game and it will truly pay off in the end.



EA Confirm Fix To FIFA 13 Ultimate Team

You may have noticed that the FIFA 13 game makers EA had disabled the game mode Ultimate Team this week. The result was angry gamers mad that they could not gain entry to arguably the best game mode that there is on the popular console game.

EA had said that they had to take the UT offline to fix certain issues that were disrupting the game and players alike. Gamers were reporting missing trading cards and the inability to add purchased cards to their own team.

The auction house was the biggest part of the game that was ultimately effected by this as that too had to go offline temporarily. Now though EA have confirmed on their official website and on their Twitter account that the fix to these problems have been implemented immediately.

So players can now resume gaming on FIFA 13 for the iPhone app, web app, and on all the major console systems with immediate effect. All that remains to be seen now is whether or not this is the end to recurring problems that the FIFA 13 ultimate team seems to be getting.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Pack Bonus Points

EA have announced this week that fans that purchased the famous FIFA 13 game will be entitled to a bonus freebie. They will be receiving a bonus edition of the game as well as extra FIFA 13 points to spend. The total points that they are giving away are over 2000.

These points can then be used in the Ultimate Team packs to buy different items that players want. The bonus points will be delivered out some point around the 30th November time scale. So it’s a very nice early Christmas present for football gamers.

Some are saying that this is EA’s way of saying sorry for all the glitches and blips that have occurred over the past few months since the games release back in September. That maybe so, but it’s still a fantastic bonus to be getting never the less.

The packs that are being handed out are for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the video game. There will be plenty of shopping going on for all the gold packs come late November that’s for sure. There are now well over 10 million users that use the community in FIFA 13. This special bonus will only be eligible up until the 31st May 2013. So you will have to act fast if you do not own a copy of the game.

FIFA 13 Manager Mode Cheats And Tips

We have compiled a e-book that is complete with the best Ultimate Team, Career mode and manager mode cheats and tips on FIFA 13. You will not need to look elsewhere for your hints this year as our guide is the best you can get. The walkthrough guide will not be posted in any forums or found on any FIFA chat site. This is the one stop place to get your copy of how to win on FIFA 2013 against anybody.

For any F&Q just go to our official Twitter profile which can be found using the hash-tag FIFA13Cheats. Other than that, you can acquire the amazing e-book by clicking here and checking out the page. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with what we have to offer.

FIFA 13 UT Cheats

FIFA Guide

These cheats work for any of the major consoles like PS3, PC and the Xbox 360. Check back regularly to see more FIFA 13 tips and tricks at your finger tips.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Coins Cheats

We have finally put up cheats so that you can mane a whopping 100K UT coins in just one calender day. Yes you heard us right, sounds crazy but these secrets teach you what your doing wrong and where to put it right. People make loads of trading mistakes every single day and you can capitalize on these very errors for your own profit.

You can now earn loads of instant cash with these amazing techniques that will wow you in a way that you could even quit your day job and just play FIFA 13 all day. The ultimate team millionaire guide is the one and only walkthrough strategy guide that you will need this year to dominate FIFA13.

Using strategy’s found elsewhere around the Internet like forums do notwork anymore. There are just too many people using these methods and far too many having access and being able to see them. You don’t even have to play the game for hours upon end in a day. A simple game for about an hour will be enough, but if you play longer, you earn much more profits obviously.

Also these techniques are 100% legit, so you don’t even have to worry about your account being suspended as you are not doing anything wrong at all. That’s probably the best part of this guide, you will just know what you are doing unlike the guys who don’t.

You will have access to video tutorials which will teach you everything you need to know visually. You will be given the exact buying and selling prices and also the complete list of the items to sell.

Make sure you get your copy of the Ultimate Team Millionaire guide now and make money and win on UT every single time.

FIFA 13 Secrets, achievements, trophies and unlockables

Every time the new number 1 football video game comes out, people instantly want help on how to get all the achievements and trophies unlocked.  Well at our website, you can get all the FIFA 13 secrets and cheats straight from us and get all the unlockables as you so wish.

We have walkthrough guides that have the best way to score with any team and in any match that you play. This includes Ultimate Team and every single aspect of the online gaming as well. We want to show you how to get all the trophies and unlockables so that you can be the greatest of players on the new FIFA 13 game.

Keep following our blog and we will be posting up news on the game aswell as fantastic tips and cheats for you all to get stuck into. They are all the real thing and we do not accept hacks, nor do we agree with these methods. Our strategy is to have fun and win all the time on the FIFA series. Just like anybody else would want to. At the same time as doing things by the book and no bots involved as we don’t tolerate this, or we do not want to know about any of this.

Soon all the secrets to getting all the achievements unlocked and your trophies cabinet full to the brink will be yours. Bookmark this page or just keep checking back periodically each week.

FIFA 13 UT Web App Server Down

The FIFA 13 Ultimate Team server is currently offline because EA Sports had to take it down due to malfunctions within the database. The server will have to be tampered with by EA staff to fix the problem as many gamers become increasingly angry with the situation.

There were restricted rare card packs that made many FIFA players angry because they were sold on for a profit. These packs typically included Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. So EA have had no alternative but to reset the game servers completely.

EA did respond to their customers on the social networking website “Twitter” saying that they are going to deal with these issues that have come about. They will have to keep the UT web app offline for the foreseeable future until these issues can be resolved.

The news came today with only a matter of days before the console versions of the game are released to the public in different regions around the world. So EA Sports will not want to hear of any other slip ups or problems in the near future.

EA basically want a real good user experience for all FIFA 13 Ultimate Team players and don’t want to rush the game. They have since apologized to their customers for the delay and plan to get things back to normal as soon as possible.

Web App For Ultimate Team – FIFA 13 News

FIFA 2013 UT Web App

The access to the FIFA 2013 Ultimate Team web application early on has now officially gone live. This feature is only available to previous FIFA 12 UT players unfortunately and they can get exclusive access from today. You have to remember to create that all important security question if you want to get your hands on it early.

You will be entitled to special gift packs which will be really cool and you will be receiving these on a daily basis. You can get even more packs if you are a dedicated FIFA 13 Ultimate Team fanatic.

PS3 Launch with FIFA 13 Bundle Deal

In other news, the official unveiling of the new look PlayStation 3 will go out on the exact same day that FIFA 13 is launched in the UK. The new slimline PS3 which looks absolutely perfect with it’s unique sliding lid feature and 500GB.

Sony made the announcement this week and we can’t help but get excited about this as they are also offering a super cool deal to go with it. The bundle deal will see this brand new look slim PS3 and the FIFA 13 full game included for a certain price. We are unable to give you the price at the moment for either the bundle or in fact the new PS3 price.

That’s because Sony Computer Entertainment have not yet given the slimline PlayStation 3 a fixed price as of yet. The pricing of the product and bundle should be announced in the not too distant future we expect. You can check out a sneak peak photo of the new PS3 below.

PS3 Slimline

The all new PlayStation 3 slimline that Sony have unveiled will go with a FIFA 13 bundle.