Helpful Tips For FIFA 13 Pro Clubs

FIFA 13 Pro Club Tips

We have received loads of requests to have some tips up on our website for FIFA 13 pro clubs. This game mode is up there with the ultimate team and career mode in being one of the most played features of the new game. With that in mind, we thought we’d give you some helpful insight on how to do well.

If you know how to play with the pro clubs modes, then you will gain the rewards by unlocking trophies and hidden stadiums to test out. The fact that you can use you’re virtual pro in this game mode is an added bonus as well. It is a great feature to use and play with your friends to enjoy unlocking accomplishments along the way.

The Best Formations To Use

Deciding on which is the best possible formation to use for this game mode is a hard one to call. It really does depend on which one suits you’re specific type of football and players. We will however give you some insight into which ones will give you the best benefits.

4-5-1 Formation

If you decide to choose this as you’re very own formation then you will certainly need to be defensive minded. Having some real top quality defenders in you’re team will enable you to keep clean sheets on a regular basis. You will need to have a target man up front to lead you’re line and he needs to be strong.

If you have a striker that has amazing strength and ability to hold the ball up for others to come into play, then this is how you would use this formation to you’re advantage. You need to have a midfield that consists of good players that are comfortable in possession of the ball at all times.

Start you’re team at the back and work you’re way forward and it goes without saying that you should have a decent goalkeeper in goal. You should only choose this specific formation if you like playing you’re football down the middle of the park

Just avoid using this formation if you prefer to have all of the play down the wings and are more of a winger and out wide kind of team. This setup is perfect for teams who like possession play and tiring the opposition out.

4-3-1-2 Formation

Well this is the other recommended setup that we suggest you use for the pro clubs. It is really effective for having enough bodies at the back defending, whilst bringing a good number of players into a new attack. Counter attacks will be you’re friends with this formation, so try and capitalise on them at every opportunity.

General Pro Club Tips To Use

The first tip we should tell you about is looking at the opponents formation and what their game plan is. If you judge correctly, you can use the above formations that we have told you about to outwit you’re opponents. Also if you are good at what you do and you are a master passer that doesn’t give the ball away, you can find the loophole.

Say for example that the other team that you are up against is using a passing and packed midfield formation. You should then stick with the same setup and just basically outplay you’re opponent.

Another great helpful tip is to spot the players that are being manually controlled by other human gamers. These will easily be able to be noticed by something obvious like their football boots being very colourful. Gloves are also a sure sign that they are human as the player would have been edited to suit.

If you target these types of players with marking them tightly, then they will have absolutely no effect in the game what so ever. This will in turn give you a numerical advantage into grabbing all three points.

In regards to you’re own team, try to use the best player in you’re team at all times during the match. In doing so you will pick up way more points and win 50% more of you’re matches. The highest rated player in the team has more chance of making something happen than anyone else.

This is a tip that we say to use in all of the game modes but the pro clubs is definitely no exception. Try to keep possession of the ball for as long as possible to make the other team’s energy fall dramatically. If the opposition’s legs are going, then they will lose pace and ultimately make mistakes which is you’re advantage.

We are going to do these tips in two steps so that you can take these first ones on board and test them out. We’ll be putting up more in the next week or so, so make sure to check back for them and good luck.


Some FIFA 13 Virtual pro Information

Many players have become confused this year with the virtual pro mode and so are here to answer any questions we have found around the Internet regarding this. Any more query’s that you need addressing you can post a comment to this article and we will get back to you with the answer.

First and foremost at the very start of your long season with your virtual pro, you will be sent out on loan to gain valuable first team experience. This is also to see if you can come back and break into the first team of your chosen club if you do well at your loaned team.

One of the questions that we are hearing consistently about the FIFA 13 virtual pro mode is people are asking does it exist. Well simply the answer to that is yes and all you have to do is buy the game and look at the main menu. A lot of FIFA fans are probably thinking why did these guys even answer that? Well you wouldn’t believe just how many people are actually asking that question and getting the wrong answers.

Another big question about the virtual pro mode was how comes i can’t chose my players team? You may see that the team is in fact greyed out a little and you are unable to click on it. EA had to prevent loads of hacking on this game so they had to be slightly cautious at times. We can all understand that because nobody wants to be hacked or have their account compromised.

You will have to create a totally new pro on the career mode in the career mode start up which is an option. You will only have access to play virtual pro on career mode in this latest installment. You can’t manage and do virtual pro at the exact same time anymore as you have to wait till your player hangs up he’s boots to take over as manager of the football club.